Connecticut Police Officer Accused of Impersonating Brother and Raping His Girlfriend

jared_rohrig_20090821152435_640_480Jared Rohrig, an Orange, Connecticut police officer was charged in a bizarre crime this week: he raped his twin brother’s girlfriend by posing as Joe Rohrig on July 19th. The likeness was so close that the girlfriend was unable to spot the trick until she noticed the telltale absence of a cowboy tatoo on his left buttocks.

Jared, 25, received a call from the girlfriend who asked to come over and proceeded to make out with her in the hot tub by allegedly claiming to be Joe. The woman had been dating Joe since for a couple months and only saw the difference when they were in the bedroom. She insisted that she tried to stop but that Jared then put a pillow over her face and raped her.

She asked to know about where the cowboy went and he allegedly told her that she was wrong and that he never had such a tattoo. She later received a call from the real Joe who allegedly said “I want to apologize for what my brother did last night. I had no idea what was going on until this morning.”

Jared now faces first-degree sexual assault and criminal impersonation.

He has been a police officer since July 11, 2008 and had just completed his first year on the force. He is the son of a prominent family that owns Lasses Restaurant in the town and his mother is Joanne Rohrig, a member of the Board of Education.

This is not the first alleged evil twin criminal case on recent court dockets, here.

For the full story, click here and here.

16 thoughts on “Connecticut Police Officer Accused of Impersonating Brother and Raping His Girlfriend”

  1. I love how men always question the woman’s actions! Try being one. I was a cop for 15 years and am a woman and this is why rapes are difficult to report. The woman’s actions are ALWAYS questioned.

  2. My ex husband is an identical twin and he staged his married police officer brother to rape me. I couldn’t tell them apart. My ex always told me that all women wanted to have twins in bed. Now I’m not sure which one fathered my child. This is sick and all too common.

  3. “Former Federal LEO 1, August 23, 2009 at 8:10 pm
    ….That simply seems incongruous to what many women would do in the aftermath of a rape.”

    JP 1, August 25, 2009 at 5:55 am
    “Also after reading a previous comment that the alleged victim accepted a ride home from the impersonator, it seems kinda fishy.”

    I’m going to guess that both of you are men and neither of you have been raped. Why would you think you’re an expert on how every woman behaves after having been raped? You simply don’t know what you’re talking about so you shouldn’t be.

    *A lot of people can’t process what happened immediately, don’t want to think about it, don’t want to deal with it and therefore go about things ‘normally and casually’ and this behavior is neither uncommon nor fishy.*

  4. Hope I’m not out of line here, but she must of been one fine piece of ass for him to risk everything he had at stake here. Also after reading a previous comment that the alleged victim accepted a ride home from the impersonator, it seems kinda fishy. Possibly she made the report so her boyfriend wouldn’t be pissed she fucked around on him? I don’t know, just bored and speculating. Then again as therapy educates, “victims never lie”. That is if she is a victim…

  5. You asked if DNA would make a difference. From what I under stand and confirmed if the are maternal twins then it would be hard to distinguish between the two. However the cowboy stamp on his ass helps ID him as much as a fingerprint. See the link below.


    “Although identical twins have the same genotype, or DNA, they have different phenotypes, meaning that the same DNA is expressed in different ways.

    Traits determined by phenotype, such as fingerprints and physical appearance, are the result of “the interaction of the individual�s genes and the developmental environment in the uterus.” Thus, a DNA test can’t determine the difference between identical twins, while a simple fingerprint can.”

  6. What is also curious is that the woman let the alleged rapist drive her home afterwards and she had a fairly casual conversation with him. That simply seems incongruous to what many women would do in the aftermath of a rape.

    This guy reminds me of an LEO I worked with except this guy is only 6’4”. An All-American Boy sports star and plenty to look forward to in life and this just does not seem to square with one side of the facts.

  7. Not to put the victim on trial here, but she was in a serious dating relationship with a guy who has a tattoo of a cowboy on his ass?

  8. What is often difficult to understand in such situations is why a young man would risk a promising career and tarnish his entire family’s reputation–and perhaps ruin the family business–for one brief sexual encounter that represents a minute fraction of his entire life.

  9. I have but only one question? Am I my brothers keeper or would I keep this piece of shit as my brother?

  10. Wow!

    Is this a case of sibling rivalry gone mad cow, or just more evidence of a national dementia spreading its ugly wings?

  11. This is almost like one of the subplots in the telenovela Manana Es Para Siempre, currently playing on Univision. Except the mother in law gets one son in law to drug the other son in law’s girlfriend in order to have sex with her to further destroy the family…all the while the girlfriend is recently pregnant by the first son in law. The girlfriend, of course, heads for the nearest convent.

  12. This is just one more reason–among the many–never to get a tatoo.

  13. A shocking story, but a life-long Connecticut guy with a cowboy tattoo on his left buttock –a “Midnight Cowboy” indeed.

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