Meet Meth Man and Crank Boy: Police Break Up Alleged Meth and Comics Ring

art.suspect.castro.cagart.alfonzo.mugHoly Crystal Ice, Batman, those comic dealers could be meth dealers. Brothers Aaron and Alfonzo Castro are accused of running a large methamphetamine ring in the Denver area and laundering the cash through a high-end comic business, including first-edition Superman and Batman titles.

180px-Action1It turns out that the comics would go for as much as $3,500 each and that total collection amounted to half a million dollars for the Castro brothers. However, the ruse was soon discovered. As Batman explained, “That’s one trouble with dual identities, Robin. Dual responsibilities.”

180px-Detective27.JPGDon Quick, the district attorney in Adams County, not only sounds like a comic strip DA but talks like one. Quick remarked that the use of women to smuggle meth internally was ” a tawdry piece of information” that captures the sheer depravity of the ring.

The Castros and 39 other people are listed as defendants. They are being held in the Adams County jail on $1 million bail each. That is like 10,000 first editions of Spiderman issues for those keeping count.

I can understand the meth, I just can’t see who would buy comics from either of these guys, though Aaron Castro does bear some resemblance to Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons:


In the end, as Batman warned: “That’s life, Robin, full of ups and downs. It ill befits any of us to become too confident.”

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  1. THWAPP!

    Not to be confused with TWHIPP!, the noise Spiderman’s web shooters make. Because Spidey says stay away from the crank, boys and girls, if you want to be a real super hero.

  2. Are you sure we don’t have our stories confused. Dopey on the left and Muffin Top (Head) on the right.

  3. I rarely post off topic, but I heard today that a family traveling to Minnesota was stopped and arrested for kidnapping a goat and stowing the animal in the trunk of the family car. An alert auto mechanic heard the sad nanny and freed the animal that was conspicuously painted purple and gold with the number 4 shaved into it. I was wondering about JT’s route home from the OBX, and whether or not he holds some special revulsion for the Vikings. The goat has won its freedom and been named “Brett.” Just a musing, of course.

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