Maryland College President Under Fire For Lavish Spending

drjohnsonPublic schools are cutting back deeply during this economic downturn but you would not know it from reading the credit card bill for Brian Keith Johnson, the Montgomery College president. Johnson appears to have personally taken on the cause of stimulating the economy with his state-funded spending. Unfortunately, he has a global reach, including a $4,051 hotel bill in Delhi. To make matters worse, last year an Arizona court issued a warrant for Johnson for failure to pay $12,000 in unpaid child support.

I have previously written about the obscene salaries and spending of college and university presidents, here. Johnson now faces a rebellion over such things as $780 tab for limousine service in Boston and hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements. He continued to spend lavishly even when freezing long-distance travel for faculty and cutting back on everything from school events to faculty refreshments. He charged $58,165 on his corporate credit card between July 2007 and April.

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2 thoughts on “Maryland College President Under Fire For Lavish Spending”

  1. “He charged $58,165 on his corporate credit card between July 2007 and April.”

    That good ole trickle down theory. I am standing in a yellow pool of water, now how did that happen?

    I can certainly understand the I breed em you raise em mentality. Now India, that is a different fare, recruitment purposes only I am sure. Colleges need the TA’s could not make it with that they don’t have to pay them.

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