Out on a Limb: Bank of American Refuses to Cash Check Unless Man Can Grow New Thumb

180px-Thumb-up240px-Bank_of_America.svgBank of America may have given out money like a drunken sailor before the federal bailout, but it held the line with Steve Valdez. The bank refused to allow Valdez to cash a check after he stubbornly refused to give them his thumbprint to confirm his identification. His feeble excuse is that he has no arms, let alone thumbs.

A BofA manager refused to allow the transaction until Valdez could come up with a thumb. This would seem to me to be a clear case of discrimination against the disabled. Presumably, a lawyer will not require a thumbprint before Valdez sues.

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16 thoughts on “Out on a Limb: Bank of American Refuses to Cash Check Unless Man Can Grow New Thumb”

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  2. Possibly the stupidest thing about this is that the bank manager wanted his thumb “in order to confirm his identification.” How exactly was that supposed to work?

  3. Clearly a Violation of the 1991 Disabilities Civil Rights Act signed by George H.W. Bush…which our corrupt Federal Courts have of course eviscerated…If the corrupt BoA wants to enforce this requirement, then they should be forced by law to also have retinal scanners…!

    Simple as that..

  4. This will be a slam dunk for the armless guy. I see a six figure out of court settlement in his near future.

    This goes to show there are a large number of people with no common sense these days. This should have been an easy judment call by the branch manager to bypass the thumb print as the guy had no arms, let alone thumbs.

    If I was the armless guy, I would have thanked the manager for not cashing the check, probobly the best thing thats happened to him in a while.

    Final Score:
    Armless Guy $100K ~ BoA -$100k and more bad publicity.

  5. I was shocked to read that Bank of America would be so insensitive and stupid to put this person through this ordeal. I think the country should charge Bank of America for using our name. This is atrocious.

  6. how about a retinal scan for the customer and a rectal examine for the branch manager to see if his head can be found.

  7. I’ll happily make my bare sole prints on a check any day! Or anything else!

    But yeah, I remember the first time I was asked for my thumbprint when cashing a BOA check (I don’t have an account). I was stunned. I thought I was being booked in a police station or something. And on top of that, you get charged a $6 fee for cashing the check there. Yeah.

  8. Bastards of America

    First in customer service and compliance with the ADA.

  9. I have totally changed my mind. This man would know how to make the trains run on time. He’s my new hero.

  10. Before he sues, he should go back to the bank with a theater quality constructed severed hand and calmly have it laid on the guy’s desk telling him he’s ready to give that thumbprint now.

  11. Send him to the hatchery. That will show him. That would be the BoA manager that would.

    About BoA, did you see that they are trying to negotiate paying back the Billions with about half of what was borrowed?

    Now if the Federally Backed loans were all forgiven under $250,000 what do you think that it would do to the economy? Yeah the people that lived in the Mortgaged house of $275,000 would be unhappy that they did not get the same deal. Of course the people whose home are worth more that that would have to have the payments reduced, unless they could pay the $25,000 off immediately.

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