300px-Hazelton_coal_minersHappy Labor Day to everyone.

We are setting up for our traditional grilling experience with neighbors and friends, though it is pretty overcast in Virginia. The kids are grumbling about school starting tomorrow and the end of summer, but they have one last hurrah before hitting the books.


13 thoughts on “HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!”

  1. Thank-you Professor Turley for all your labor these past two years in maintaining such a wonderful site!

    Additional Thanks and Praise to all those who comment regularly and semi-regularly (with a special shout out to Buddha) may you all know your work does not go unnoticed and is most appreciated by this regular reader.

  2. Happy Labor Day to all and may your grills run true. I’m still alive Buddha, just hanging out in the City of my birth and avoiding the computer for the most part.

  3. I always liked Labor Day, that was my moms Birthday, so we had a nice family get together.

  4. I trust the arch conservatives among us are working a full day and refusing to take part in this socialist holiday. Principles and all that.

  5. rcampbell:

    “Thanks, Dad.”


    All your Dad — and many like him — did was build the nation and raise his family. Given the charlatans who now inhabit our “Hall of Heroes” these days, I would say “Greatest Generation” would still fit rather nicely.

  6. At 60, I remember Labor Days from 50 years or so ago in my strong labor union, steel producing hometown in Ohio as being a celebration of those hardworking blue collar men. They were mostly men as this was the 1950’s, afterall. The local AFL-CIO bought the amusement park for the entire day and all rides were free for the sons and daughters of union employees. They treated us to lunch, ice cream, a minor league baseball game and fireworks at dark. It was a great day and I remember looking forward to it each year.

    Now, after 30 years of Reagan era brainwashing, labor unions are villified instead of celebrated. Conservatives have used every tactic at every opportunity to dilute the power and importance of labor unions. They’ve preached the gospel of individualism, personal gain and greed. They’ve tried to replace helping others and standing with one another against a bigger foe and a sense of community with selfishness. They substitute me for us.

    They know that if they can weaken labor unions enough or they can eliminate them altogether (their goal), employers will regain the upper hand and then can–and will–drive down wages, working conditions and benefits for the working men and women as fast you can say John Lewis.

    On Veterans’ Day people always remember to remember veterans. Today, let’s remember to remember the strong backs and banged up hands and sweated brows of the men and women who did the hard physical work of building America. They still found time to stand with one another to form a barrier against employer tyranny and abuses to help create and expand the middle class so that sons and daughters of steel mill workers and auto makers and public employees had a chance to attend a college and use their brains rather than their backs.

    Thanks, Dad.

  7. We already had our bbque yesterday and we are relaxing on the day that we are supposed to relax, Labor Day. Tomorrow comes much too soon and the labor will begin again, so today I will put my feet up and rest. Happy Labor Day to all!

  8. To the seven people who make my life possible, a sincere Happy Labor Day. The traditional grill ‘n chill couldn’t happen without you and your good work. No offense to the Prof., but I hope you’re all out doing something in the cloudy but pleasant outdoors with your friends and family instead of reading this. I should start to make the ‘tater salad soon. It needs to sit a bit to reach peak flavor. Anyone showing up tomorrow with a hangover will be mercilessly taunted as usual. Anyone calling in sick will be forced to work with Ken next week. I anticipate a full house.

    To the regulars (including the conspicuously absent Mr. Spindell), the semi-lurkers, lurkers and even the trolls:

    I hope all of you have a great day with your family and friends too. Forget about entropy for a day. Enjoy a round of good food, spirits and company. Life is short. Party smart. Party well.

  9. And to you JT. In honor and before the festivities, I expect you to don gloves and man the shovel at your home getting a taste of hard labor. I am off to do the same–in my yard.

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