Baltimore Mom Accused Telling Son to Attack Teenage Boy

180px-Handcuffs01_2003-06-02This week, prosecutors charged a mother with holding a six-year-old boy down while ordering her five-year-old son to beat him in the face, here. Now, a Maryland mother, Kimberley Lyn Cudanin, 34, is accused of telling her 16-year-old son Audre and at least four friend to attack a 14-year-old boy, Malaki Malloy. Malloy was stabbed and beaten.

Malloy was accused of assaulting Cudanin’s 14-year-old son in a prior incident. The five teenagers are football players at Baltimore’s Paul Laurence Dunbar High School.

Cudanin and her son Andre are now facing first- and second-degree assault charges. The four other teens: Leo Eades, 17; Marvin King, 16; Malcolm Scott, 15; and James McBride, 16 have been charged as adults.

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6 thoughts on “Baltimore Mom Accused Telling Son to Attack Teenage Boy”

  1. Buddha, I read your post, I have always believed that we must honor our parents. Even from a biblical perspective. Sadly, when you have a parent who is physically and verbally abusive, it is a little difficult to “honor” that individual. I have never subscribed to the belief I must honor “unconditionally”. This is why we have so many social deviants running amok in our society. These amusing and thought provoking blogs are indicative of the breakdown of “our” so-called civilized society. When parents get divorced and remarry, they create children who frequently grow up very bitter and resentful and very lonely and despondent..

  2. the girl is crazy. she needs to be locked in the insane institution. she ruined her kids life. sad. by the looks of it she has other criminal problems from the past. poor excuse for a mother and a human being.

  3. When I was a teen, I knew a set of twins. They were hyper-aggressive and very violent. Thankfully, one out grew it but I have no idea about the other. Their mom used to drive them around looking for fights. Sometimes for hours at a time.

    And here’s the scary part.

    She was a mental health “professional”.

    Of course, she also chased another son (my friend) around the house with a kitchen knife because he used the coffee maker to make tea without asking permission.

    True story.

    This is why the commandment to “Honor and obey thy mother and father” is hokum. It’s control language plain and simple. Parents should be graded and honor and obedience the reward for being good parents. Respect should always be earned and never given freely, even to those with genetic linkage. And the truth is not all parents are due respect or obedience. Not all are equal in skill and some of them shouldn’t have pets let alone kids. Some of them are just as screwed up as possible.

    We are starting to get quite a collection of stories about that here on the blog.

    We often talk about the decline of civilization here.

    Make of this tangential connection what you will. I’m not going to say “causation” but I will say “correlation” without reservation.

  4. From the article:

    “An attempted murder charge is likely against the person alleged to have stabbed Malloy, Toohey said, but police have yet to determine who that person was. Investigators do not think it was Kimberley Cudanin, he said.”

    Wow, what about Accessory before the fact or conspiracy to commit Murder. Works where they have the Felony Rule in place. I certainly don’t envy a Mom who is looking for her child to earn his proper place as “Inmate of the Month.” That does indeed take some fine parenting skills or lac thereof.

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