School Fires Lunch Lady For Telling Parents That Boys Tied Daughter to Fence and Whipped Her

web+Lunch+Lady+and+the+Cyborg+Substitute1008839-FBCarol Hill was fired at the Great Tey Primary School in Essex after she told Scott David that his seven-year-old daughter Chloe had been tied to a fence and whipped with a skipping rope by bullies. The school had only mentioned “an incident” and did not reveal the names of the boys.

Called a “dinner lady” in England, Hill took care of Chloe after the beating. Hill later asked the parents how Chloe was doing and revealed that she had been tied to the fence and beaten by the bullies. However, David insists that Hill did not reveal the names.

Both Chloe and her brother have been taken to a new school. Hill is appealing.

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21 thoughts on “School Fires Lunch Lady For Telling Parents That Boys Tied Daughter to Fence and Whipped Her”

  1. There’s a lot more to this story than you know. Three years ago the head teacher and all the teaching staff were sacked from this school after what is described as a period of “turbulence” – whatever that means. Also it is not clear that the dinnerlady actually TOLD the teachers what had happened to the girl. It is possible they didn’t know she was tied up and whipped until the woman informed the parents that night. All very mysterious!

  2. I can understand the school not wanting the boys’ names revealed, the boys being at risk of wrath by the victim’s parents. I’m hoping punishment of these boys did not include beatings as that type of interaction could be how all this came to pass.

  3. Thanks Buddah.

    I think you have the perfect name for our species in future I will use it when posting on JT’s blog where there is a large proportion of the Latin literate. On other blogs I will simplify it to

    Homo hypocrita bardus (Note bardus means stupid).

    What do you think?

  4. Definition from that “great”book of knowledge the “Urban Dictionary”:

    “lunch lady
    Lunch ladies are those females or males who graduate from Lunch Lady Academy (LLA) and frequently uses lunch lady crossing, similar to deer crossing. They’re commonly in a bad mood, and to them you MUST NEVER SAY these words, “Oh no, take it back,” or the unspeakable will occur. They can fly and serve, while wearing “lunch vest.” You may use this to describe one who is being crankey. They can also be supernatural beings similar to vampires and werewolves.
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  5. If I may suggest

    Homo redactum sapiens hypocrita bardus

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    and copy on what Elaine M. said.

  6. In my opinion, if anyone should be disciplined in this case, it should be the school administrator who did not fully inform Chloe’s parents of the beating she had received by bullies at school. That must have been a horrific experience for such a young child. Who were the adults responsible for supervising the children when the beating occurred?

    I didn’t read any mention of the bullies being suspended in the article. The bullies remain–but the victim has to find a new school???

  7. Thanks Former Fed.

    I actually studied Latin up to third year high school, but it has long evaporated from my mind. I don’t even have any English/Latin dictionaries from those days in the early sixties.

    School is one of those experiences that I try not to remember, though if I ever find a time machine and one of the mini-guns that the Terminator used in Terminator 2 I would be off to my old school in the nineteen sixties to get a little pay back.

    Did I mention that I was bullied, but as do most victims of bullying I now identify with my oppressors.

    Some humans are nearly intelligent, which is why I browse this site daily for some company and a good rant.

  8. Carlyle,

    That is ‘Homo’ with a capital H. That correction is not mentioned out of concerns for humans, but rather out of respect for our often more intelligent congeners.

    I know an answer to the epithetical (species/subspecies) question about which you inquired, although I will wait awhile to observe what the Latin experts suggest.

  9. JT.

    Would you by any chance know the latin adjectives for hypocrite and stupid. I need them so I can properly rename the human species from the misleading “homo sapiens sapiens” by replacing both occurrences of the inappropriate “sapiens” with these more fitting words.

  10. I should add that the school was absolutely right to fire the dinner lady. Failure to protect school secrets is an unforgivable offense. One must at all costs protect the bullies lest one wrecks their future prospects as police officers.

    Have I mentioned that I think equipping prefects with tasers is a good idea.

  11. Don’t worry about that. There is an endless, bountiful cornucopia or madness and delusion out there:

  12. Looks like a school that offers quality bullying.

    After much thought I have come to the conclusion that bullying is a good, necessary and absolutely righteous thing. Any well organized society requires that most citizens be mindless drones who do not on any account think for themselves but rely on the propaganda fed to them by the ruling elites.

    The bully is an essential part of the school power structure. The function of bullying is to punish difference and get the message to the worthless scum that are students that anything other than conformity is punished severely.

    I suggest that there ought to be training causes in bullying for both teachers and prospective bullies. That students should be allowed each year to choose one of their number to be tortured to death by the whole student body. Failure to participate in the execution should be punishable by the same treatment (this idea from an episode of Hornblower starring Ioan Gruffudd).

  13. This is honorably wrong. But Adam before he made it big he sang this song, just for this occasion:


  14. I wonder where the boys got the idea to tie someone up and whip them?

    What abuses would this school not cover up?

  15. “By the way, if you are bored at any point in this entry ….”

    The Turley blog is never boring.

    1. Thank you, Vince, but Lord help us if the world suddenly has an outbreak of sanity.

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