Two Men Arrested for Attempting to Kidnap 14-Year-Old Girl to Marry a Boy in Fargo

dragan+jovanovich_elvis+tahirovichDragan Jovanovic, 42, and Elvis Tahirovic, 18, were arrested this week in a bizarre kidnapping conspiracy: they drove from Fargo, North Dakota to Bowling Green to kidnap a 14-year-old girl so that she could marry  Jovanovic’s 14-year-old son (who met her on the Internet).

The two men tried to sign out the girl from her school, Henry Moss Middle School, when the principal intervened (thankfully) and stopped them after noting that they were not relatives. They were later arrested at the Dollar General store across the street and have been charged with attempted kidnapping of a minor. It is an interesting charge since it turns out the girl was absent from school that day. Moreover, it appears that the girl agreed to the scheme. However, legally they still attempted to carry out the act and removing a minor under such circumstances would still qualify as kidnapping in Kentucky.

The boy and his sister accompanied the men to Ohio.

It is astonishing that these men could think that they could get away with such an act.

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12 thoughts on “Two Men Arrested for Attempting to Kidnap 14-Year-Old Girl to Marry a Boy in Fargo”

  1. this is sick really sick but look at that 14 years old wanted to go with them and yes its not right to marry underage but its ok to have kids and no faher at age 13 so ya there u all go yes its gypsys in fargo but sure do not know the law …….release them guys and arrest that girl cuse she prob told them she is 18 or older.she needs punishment as well as they do ..

  2. Any of you heard of Gypsies? Most of them live on the east coast and follow the same tradition. You need to understand that each religion/nationality follows rules that may be normal to some of us.
    I feel sorry for these guys because they are stupid enough to do this to a non-gypsy girl.

    Fargo ND if full of gypsies from yhe Balkan.

  3. See Buddha you too could have had it all if you were from Fargo, ND. Child Brides and a Dirt Bike. But then again, you’d probably need someone to show you how to use one or both correctly from the looks of these guys pictures.

  4. You’d never have guess Elvis was in ND. Skipa da doo dah, I’m the happiest _____ in the USA. Good Morning, morning, hello sunshine, wake up sleepyhead.

    Do you think that they qualify for dumb and dumber, half baked, a brick short of a full load, a taco short of a full combination platter, one card short, the elevator does not go all the way to the top, or the lights are on and nobody is home? Or just plain laurel and hardy?

  5. When I was 14 I had a helluva time getting my dad to get me a motorcycle much less drive across state lines to try to steal me a bride.

  6. Now if we were say in Arkansas, still a problem the parents have to consent. Humm, what does Fargo have to offer that Kentucky does not? Oh yeah the only Corvette plant in the US. Well, fast cars, slow women. Or is that fast women and slow cars? Well a lot can be said for the fine ambassadors from ND, a fine specimen of what has to be offered. A little slow on the uptake.

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