Sacrebleu! The French Move Against Air Brushing and Photoshopping of Magazine Pictures

300px-Eugène_Delacroix_-_La_liberté_guidant_le_peupleCarrieNation-724058In what may be the most dangerous and potentially explosive act since the storming of the Bastille, French leaders are taking on French models and declaring war on airbrushing. The French Parliament (and members of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party) is proposing to force magazines and other publishers to print a warning for photographs that have been touched up or photoshopped. It appears that while President Nicolas Sarkozy can insist on only short people appearing behind him to appear taller, the French politicians say “staging Oui, brushing non!” The new campaign for realism has already taken its toll with the untouched up picture on the right of Marianne in La liberté guidant le peuple (Liberty Leading the People).

MP Valerie Boyer wants a wording that reads:”Retouched photograph aimed at changing a person’s physical appearance.” She notes that airbrushing leads “the stereotypical image that all women are young and slim.”

She insists that “[t]hese photos can lead people to believe in a reality that does not actually exist, and have a detrimental effect on adolescents. Many young people, particularly girls, do not know the difference between the virtual and reality, and can develop complexes from a very young age. . . . In some cases this leads to anorexia or bulimia and very serious health problems. It’s not just a question of public health, but also a way of protecting the consumer.”

Boyer, who is a member of the UMP, may want to start with their leader: two years ago, Paris Match magazine “rubbed out” le bulge on Sarkozy. A picture in a canoe showed Sarkozy mysteriously without his love handles. For the original and touched up pictures, click here.
For her part, First Lady Carla Bruni has been touched up more than the Hollywood sign. This may not be such a problem because even love handles sound sexier in French: “poignees d’amour”

250px-Voroshilov,_Molotov,_Stalin,_with_Nikolai_Yezhov250px-The_Commissar_Vanishes_2Sarkozy can be forgiven. Stalin had whole individuals removed from his side.

Nevertheless, Boyer’s comments have shaken up folks here at Turley Productions. We have strived to lead the journalistic and commentary worlds by example. While I realize that some readers and contributors may be angry and hurt, we believe it is time to come clean.

turley_jonathan250px-JabbatheHuttROTJThe standard banner picture on the left for this blog was indeed touched up. The actual picture before a bit of airbrushing is the one on the right. We regret the incident.

However, these are my actual abs.180px-Sixpack_germanuncut77_flickr

In the meantime, the French are also moving to get rid of‘La bise’, or the traditional cheek-to-cheek kiss here. The concern is Swine Flu. That would leave a population of chubby, hand-shaking models. You might as well go to Belgium.

For the unenhanced French story, click here.

13 thoughts on “Sacrebleu! The French Move Against Air Brushing and Photoshopping of Magazine Pictures”

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  2. Freedom of speech is about the importance to society of the attempt to get in touch with reality. This freedom does not allow fraud, or knowing misrepresentation. I support the French attempt to deal with this issue, however difficult it may be in practice, to forge a rule that will convey meaningful information.

  3. I really am a vaguely man shaped white silhouette against a gray background; I’m sort of a “bloggour from out of space.”

  4. “Sarkozy can be forgiven. Stalin had whole individuals removed from his side.”

    Oh Irony, I find you in the funniest places.

  5. I am 10,000 monkeys in a room with a computer, but we are all really that shade of green.

  6. I also consistently forget to proofread, but that is just a factor of my youthful impetuousness.

  7. I’m really twenty five and have a full head of luxurious black hair, also no beard. I just use this picture to give me credibility as a old guy and I’m far handsomer that you would expect.

  8. That women are damaged by magazine photos is the same logic that says you murdered your neighbor because you listened to a Def Leopard record.

  9. Prof.,

    Let me be the first to compliment you on your Photoshop skills. A special effects wizard on top of being a Constitutional scholar. Who knew, Prof.? Where do you find the time? I say Prof, but perhaps you prefer your other proper honorific, JT the Hutt? 😀 I mean when one has a choice of titles between the world of academia and the world of interstellar crime syndicates, that’s a tough choice. Both are prestigious and impress the ladies. I’m may to have to give the marginal edge to “the Hutt” perhaps because that REALLY impresses the childrens. A compound honorific? Prof. JT the Hutt, Esq.? Hmmmm. Perhaps. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but I digress. Back to the French . . .

    Another vote in Belgium’s favor?

    Better waffles. Oui, oui. Je suis allé là.

    Silly French K-nig-its! Now go away or I will taunt you a second time!

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