Court Orders Disbarred Lawyer Locked Out of His Office After He Allegedly Continues to Practice Law

250px-Master_PadlockAllen Feingold had a less than conventional approach to litigation, such as allegedly choking a 74-year-old judge after an adverse arbitration ruling. Now, Philadelphia Common Pleas Court President Judge Pamela Pryor Dembe has ordered that he be locked out of his office to prevent him from continuing to practice law after his disbarment.

The Court recognizes that the lock-out order is “highly unique, highly unusual and highly necessary” to stop any continued practice while Feingold’s clients are told to find another lawyer. A former state Supreme Court Justice, Russell Nigro , has been appointed as a conservator to handle the remaining clients.

In the disbarment decision, the Court suggested that Feingold was using his wife as an alleged shield for practice:

Respondent’s testimony as to his law-related activities post – suspension again demonstrated his arrogant attitude. He admitted that he was not in compliance with Rule 217, and explained that while he knew he was not permitted to practice law, he believed if he did not continue to work on his cases there would be more disciplinary complaints filed against him. He continued to assist Attorney Dora Garcia, his wife.Respondent described this assistance in particular as answering questions in cases, and in general as helping Ms. Garcia with secretarial and legal assistant functions. The specifics of these activities are not clear

When he was asked in an earlier disciplinary proceeding about an attempt to strike a judge in 2004, Feingold stated “I figured hell, if I’m going to lose my license, at least let me get my one punch in.”

While we have seen attorneys charged with “aggressive handshaking,” assaulting the judge is usually a problem associated with our clients, here (or occasionally a judge attacking a defendant, here).

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4 thoughts on “Court Orders Disbarred Lawyer Locked Out of His Office After He Allegedly Continues to Practice Law”

  1. This guy sounds like one that I want to represent me? NOT. Come on hit a 74 year old judge?

  2. Vince,

    “Google the guy for the full story.”

    There is no doubt you’ve earned a well deserved rest but you have spoiled me! đŸ™‚

  3. It is interesting that the disbarred attorney and convicted felon, Charles Edward Lincoln III, seems to be performing in a similar manner for attorney Orly Taitz in the birther litigation, in a role described as her “law clerk” or “paralegal assistant.” It is suspected that he has written a lot of her filings, especially the ones that go on for 50 to 100 pages and describe everything back to the Civil War.

    Taitz just posted this note about him on her site: [quote] Posted on | September 28, 2009 | 3 Comments
    I am attaching a college application essay by Charlie Lincoln, son of Charles Lincoln, Harvard educated PhD and JD from University of Chicago and a former clerk for 2 federal judges (including judge Reinhart from 9th Circuit court of appeals). Mr. Lincoln is advising me in both Obama eligibility and real estate matters. [unquote]

    Yeah, PhD, JD, judicial clerk. That is a good example of a very selective and eliptical resume.

    Google the guy for the full story.

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