85-Year-Old Man Pulls Gun on Officer in Police Station And Does NOT Get Tasered or Shot

Man+With+Gun.JPGWe often chronicle the abuses of judges, lawyers, and police officers on this blog. Occasionally, however, we can celebrate acts of restraint (here) as in the case of the police in Huntley Illinois. Peter J. Reilly, 85, walked into a police station and pulled a gun on the police sergeant. The sergeant did not shoot Reilly or taser him. He ordered him to drop the weapon and then walked around and grabbed the gun, which turned out to be a BB gun.

Reilly was upset over the fact that he was given a parking ticket for an expired meter. If it were not for the restraint of the officer, he would have expired in the lobby of the police station for a dumb act like this — particularly after he refused to follow orders to drop the weapon.

police_logo_navy_12.13.06Obviously, Reilly does not appear entirely in control of his senses. However, the officer came around from the protection of the bulletproof glass window and took away the weapon. When you see some officers tasering grandmothers and invalids, it is worth a hat tip to the member of the Huntley Police Department.

They were also restrained in charging him with a misdemeanor for unlawful use of a weapon.

For the full story, click here.

10 thoughts on “85-Year-Old Man Pulls Gun on Officer in Police Station And Does NOT Get Tasered or Shot”

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  2. Ah, bulletproof glass, I can live with that.

    Of course I still maintain that if you don’t want to get tazed don’t point guns at people.

  3. Uh, So he hesitated when someone is threatening the life of someone else, and since he happened to comply instead of busting a cap in the guy’s head, this is “restraint” we should applaud?

    If you don’t want to get tazed or shot, don’t point guns at people. Its the polite thing to do.

  4. John,
    Thanks for that info. I was starting to think our police forces were going soft.

  5. The ticket was for $250 parking in a hadicap slot. And the officer was behind bullet prof glass. By the way the Huntley PD is accreited PD and probally 75% of calls are from Del Web a retirement comunity. Which explains the restraint.

  6. Good thing he wasn’t an unarmed Black Groom celebrating his upcoming marriage in New York or they would have blasted him with ove 50 rounds. Or a Black Grandmother in her Berkeley, CA home or they might have shot him in the back. There’s different ways to handle threatening situations unless you’re a person of color then there’s only one way: Lethal Force.

  7. Makes me wonder if the old man was a relative.

    I suppose we should give them some credit, except, perhaps, for the fact that any law enforcement officer would know when a BB Gun is being pointed at them.

    A Taser is worse than a BB Gun, for goodness sakes.

    I would be more impressed had it been a Uzi.

  8. This is what good police work is supposed to be. I do not think that people would react so offensively to the police selectivity in use of a taser. I certainly don’t. Good yob HPD.

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