Beating Bambi: Ohio Woman Sentenced For Beating Fawn To Death With Shovel

urlDorothy Richardson, 76, has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service after being arrested for beating a baby deer to death in her garden in Euclid, Ohio — just outside of Cleveland. She will also pay a $500 fine and have to watch the movie Bambi 1000 times (OK, just the community service and the fine).

260px-Bambi-thumper-adultShe pleaded to one count of animal cruelty in exchange for dropping the other count. She will now have to deal with Thumper and a couple of friends who have ideas about the next planting in the garden.

Richardson said that the fawn scared her and that she was really just trying to shoo it away when she crushed it with a shovel. This is different from accounts of witnesses who quoted Richardson as saying ” I killed it — I killed it dead. And I’d kill it again.”

Euclid Councilman Christopher Gruber, a neighbor, said that Richardson told him that she bashed the fawn because it was sitting in her flower bed, here.

This is believed to be footage from Richardson’s garden shortly before the attack:

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  1. Suppose a homeless person was sleeping in her flower bed?

    She could call the police (or animal control as in the fawn) or she could beat the person in the head with a shovel and leave the corpse by the curb.


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