Stocking Snuffer: California Man Allegedly Tries to Hire Hitman to Kill Ex-Girlfriend on Videotape To Watch Over Christmas

6a00d8341c630a53ef011570e5758f970b-800wiMark Alan Jarosik, 43, believes it is never too early to shop for Christmas. He was arrested in California for trying to hire a man to kill his ex-girlfriend and to videotape the murder . . . so he could watch it over the Christmas holiday.

Jarosik, a former architect, is likely going to spend most if not all of his remaining holidays in state prison. He was previously charged with two felony counts of rape and one felony count of attempted sodomy, here. When he was bailed out after those arrests in June by his mother and sister, he went back to his ex-girlfriend’s house and tried to break in. He then came back the next day and attacked her again, including banging her head against a curb — resulting in severe head trauma.

He was then arrested again for attempted murder, forcible rape, battery, burglary, sodomy and violating a restraining order. He then proceeded to try to hire a killer behind bars as well as violating the court order by writing to the woman.

His counsel will have an obviously difficult time, particularly on sentencing. I would assume that most judges would be declined to have all of the charges run concurrently since they were separate incidents. That would leave the possibility of three sets of charges running consecutively, including big ticket items like rape and attempted murder. He will be lucky to see another holiday outside of the correctional setting.

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5 thoughts on “Stocking Snuffer: California Man Allegedly Tries to Hire Hitman to Kill Ex-Girlfriend on Videotape To Watch Over Christmas”

  1. So much for the “dispassionate male” myth. I see and insanity plea in his future. This guy may or may not benefit from anger management but he’s really a candidate for psychotherapy. Having the one you love killed then wanting to view it over the holliday is sick.

  2. A Holiday gift that keeps on giving. This man is in serious denial. Maybe Bubba can teach him the value of family life? Its been a long long time coming, as CSN would say.

  3. Reminds me of the old SNL skit/song: “Please kill [serial killer] Gary Gilmore for Christmas.”

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