Knott’s Landing: Mother Stopped While Driving on Highway With Daughter in a Box on Top of Minivan

jackie+knottJackie Denise Knott, 37, really liked that box. She was arrested after having her 13-year-old daughter ride on top of her minivan in a box on the roof. She assured officers that the daughter was safe . . . she secured the box with a hanger.

Knott was stopped in Albertville, Alabama and explained that she needed her daughter to hold down the box, which would not fit in the car.

She has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and released on a $500 bond.

We have seen the rise in teens car surfing, but this is a case with parental consent. Presumably there will be a hearing on whether the minor should remain under Knott’s care.

To get an idea of the danger of car surfing at even slow speeds . . .

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11 thoughts on “Knott’s Landing: Mother Stopped While Driving on Highway With Daughter in a Box on Top of Minivan”

  1. If Mitt Romney could drive around with his dog on top of his car, this may just be the logical next step. Maybe she’s presidential material.

  2. It is obvious from the facts of this case that the State of Alabama is not spending enough money in educating their citizens. This lady is as slow as dirt and I agree that the authorities in Alabama need to investigate whether she is responsible enough to continue to raise her daughter. She endangered the health of her daughter and she still doesn’t understand it. Are we sure she wasn’t born in Texas??

  3. FFLEO,
    Thanks for that!!! I forgot about that scene. Though I here the music often enough watching that again gave me goose bumps. Still Awesome!

    As for Mama Knott she had to know if the law requires you to wear seat belts they wouldn’t let you ride on the roof of a mini-van. She was willing to risk the safety of her daughter, and hoping to beat the odds of being seen, rather than buying $15.00 worth of ratcheted tie downs from Wal-mart to secure her box. I think, FFLEO, you may have offended the intelligence of those boys in the video.

  4. Y’all city folk a’sittin’ in yur ivery tawers of achedemya iz two hard on them deliverance-type folk down yunner in sweet home Alabamer (whar theys a’gin them saxual stimmulaytar toyz).

    I reckon’z ‘da mum had ‘dis figgered out not ‘spectin’ no glitch nohow. Anyhoo, if’in the dawter did fell off’in ‘da car ruff, hern’ wuz alreddy in a ready-made cardbored coffin.

    Lawzy me! I’ll tell you what! Whut a Knott-headed wormin’

    Cainst’ y’all juss s’hear ‘dat doolin’ banjer musick a’ playin’ off yonder frum ‘dat distant deep-dark holler…

    Duh..Duh..Duh..Dot! Dot!

  5. And to think that people can live and breath free knowing that people do this all over the world. Live free and car surf. Give me car surfing or death. Well mom, sometimes you just can explain ignorance. I am pleased to see that Texas is not getting all of the kudo’s on this mere slight in human judgment. Yeah right, but does it amount to sufficient grounds to place the child in protective services and to have mom entangled in the system.

    I remember baling hay in the summers and 1) Driving the truck at age 12; 2) Standing on the running board to wait til the next field; 3) What are farmers going to do? This has so many negative possibilities that it is patently unfair.

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