Dancing DeLayed is Dancing Denied: Tom DeLay Pulls Out of Dancing With the Stars

default225px-TomDeLayFirst, there was the departure of Mikhail Baryshnikov from the American Ballet Theatre in 1978. Then there was the retirement of Tommy Tune. Now, the art and dancing worlds are reeling from the announcement that former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay is leaving “Dancing With the Stars” due to foot injuries.

It turns out that the Tango will be his swan song, his final dance for a grateful nation.

A doctor found fractures in both of DeLay’s feet.

Who will soon forget his performance of “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” — a song that seemed to offer an inverse message from his time as “The Hammer” of the House. Then again, DeLay would observe on the program that “One thing I wasn’t prepared for in learning to dance was getting in touch with my feminine side.” That was a feeling shared by millions.

Here is his farewell performance:

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12 thoughts on “Dancing DeLayed is Dancing Denied: Tom DeLay Pulls Out of Dancing With the Stars”

  1. BuelahMan:
    “Can someone explain to me how you break both feet dancing?”

    You can get stress fractures walking. The bone doesn’t break on a clean vertical axis to the length of the bone but run horizontally with the length of the bone- generally its not a clean breaking apart but a ‘crack’. My better half got them in the same foot several times during a two year period just walking up the stairs to our house. The Dr. that treated my husband said the cause is not well understood and can be aggravated by some diseases or activities that stress the bones like running, dancing climbing etc. They do hurt.

  2. My wife and I are crazy liberal political junkies and also fans of Dancing with the Stars. Politically, I think Tom Delay is a cretin, but DWTS isn’t about politics.

    DWTS tries to cover a number of different demographics in their selection of participants. There are sports figures, Olympians, actors, entertainers, youngsters, oldsters (George Hamilton, Jerry Springer, the unforgettable Cloris Leachman,etc.). Tom Delay fit into that latter catagory. I have to give the guy some credit. He was never going to win the trophy, but he was in no way the worst dancer of the season. Nor was he the worst of the older celebs who’ve been on the show. He seemed to respect the dances and the skill required to be a good ballroom dancer, he showed good humor and was willing to do the hard work necessary to perform.

  3. Can someone explain to me how you break both feet dancing?

    I would understand it had it been his partner (with his feet stomping all over hers).

    Makes me wonder if it is all a ruse about the feet.

    On another note: He is a candidate for B’Man’s Piece of Shit Watch:


    As I told my friend, Tengrain, sadly, The Hammer dances better than I do.

    But he’s still a POS.

  4. Good ones to all!

    I heard his feet were fractured while he was hone spending more time with his family.

  5. “A doctor found fractures in both of DeLay’s feet.”


    I always knew he had feet of clay.

  6. Okay, Prof, we’re even…for some reason I clicked on that video and also the Drop Kick Me Jesus(through the goal post of life) video. May I borrow that ball peen hammer of yourn?

    Ms. EM, I nominate you as the Turley blawg Poet Lariat.

  7. So sorry I didn’t catch Tom’s swan song on Dancing with the Stars. Well, anyway, I saw him cha-cha-ing to “Wild Thing” the first week. He was such an inspiration I wrote a little poem.

    Dirty Dancing with the Stars: A Poem about Tom DeLay

    He’s a “Wild Thing” that’s for sure!
    Watch him dance across the floor.
    “The Hammer” shakes his aging booty
    While cha-cha-ing with a dark-haired beauty.

    Wearing a sequined vest, silk blouse…
    Dressed all in brown, this slick-haired louse
    Looks like a feral chocolate bunny.
    It’d sure be sad if it weren’t so funny!

    Still a “Wild Thing” at his age,
    Tom should be locked up in a cage…
    And not out dancing with the stars—
    But stuck behind some iron bars!

  8. The fractures on his feet got there when he used to stomp democrats that were down. His left foot was named lefty hammer and his right foot was also named lefty hammer.

    The fracturing wasn’t from the dancing.

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