Bountiful Birth: Utah Man Misses Birth of Child After Being Arrested for Groping the Delivery Nurse

20091009__nurseassault_1010~P1_200Adam Jay Manning of Bountiful, Utah is not exactly going to be picked as Daddy of the Year. Indeed, when his kid asks where Manning was when he was born, he will be able to proudly state “I was in jail for groping the delivery nurse.”

While his girlfriend was in the process of delivery, Manning, 30, could not get his eyes off the delivery nurse who he complimented on being hot. The nurse ignored him until he commented that her neck looked sore and proceeded to try to give her a neck massage while she attended the expectant mother. When she moved away to the other side of the wheelchair, he proceeded to reach out and grab her breast. The nurse pushed him away and informed police who arrested him on suspicion of felony forcible sexual abuse.

Manning has previously pleaded guilty to shoplifting and and criminal mischief.

He may argue that this is a double standard given the statements of President Bush a couple years ago:

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16 thoughts on “Bountiful Birth: Utah Man Misses Birth of Child After Being Arrested for Groping the Delivery Nurse”

  1. sickoftheb.s., I can’t help but wonder if you were born a moron, or was there some terrible accident (such as Oxygen deprivation), or is being a moron just a life choice for you?

    It’s too bad I’ll never know the answer because I just stumbled on this blog, will stumble off and never see your answer, (not that I expect an intelligent one.

    Have a nice day…..
    or not

  2. Oh and Bitchmidwife…as far as reeking of alcohol, the only time women are the least bit attractive (or we can put up with the smell and their rotten attitudes) is when we are half baked.

    Here’s a bumper sticker for you: Budweiser Beer, making ugly people attractive since 1869

  3. Bitchmidwife needs to lighten up. Women are made for groping. What else are they good for? Just kidding. Elaines post was funny RE: Mammatory memory malfunction. All kidding aside, it is obvious to me that this person is led around by his “johnson”. Typical democrat. One needs to look no further than our ex-president (Clinton).

    This guy is definately not fit to be a father at this point in time. He has a great deal of growing up to do. I sympathize with his wife. She will be putting up with the greedy bastard. He is a lecherous fool. What is the old saying? One hand in the bush is..oh wait, a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

  4. Oh yes I forgot to mention drug dealing in the room or waiting room, drinking, snorting substances, sneaking in substances to the woman in labor, trashing the room with junk food containers and spreading out all over the chairs watching TV while the woman labors, and reeking of alcohol on the part of the patient’s family or S.O. (significant other, or “baby daddy”).

  5. As a labor and delivery nurse I commend this nurse for pressing charges. Many nurses are indoctrinated into the “good nurse” role and puts up with crap like this – and there are many hospital administrators who will fire a nurse for daring press criminal charges against patients or families who abuse, attack, or threaten them. I have witnessed behavior by family members just as bad as this – verbal abuse of the laboring woman, threats to the L&D staff, general assholery and jackassedness which prompts us to call in social services to talk to the mother postpartum. Health care is a dangerous field to work in – the general public has absolutely no idea. The public also has no idea what we say about them (without identifiers of course) to each other in order to cope with the stupidity and abuse of the general public.

  6. Do you think this person has the chance of being nominated Father of the Year? or just a F**K Up of the Year?

  7. Childerns can learn, but adolts can’t … that is why we have Gee Zeus camps in the deserts of Texas … near Craford … for heavens japanese sake.

    1. Ok, Stel you win. I will add that to the blog. I forgot about that clip. Great catch!

  8. nal,

    Groping comes easy to some. Some more easier than others. That was funny.

  9. This guy is a real prize! The mother of the child should run, not walk away from this guy. After she gets her support check, of course. And looking at his priors, her prospects of collecting dont’look good. This felon should not be allowed to parent this child.

  10. Ahhh – the old neck massage gambit. It’s sad to see it being tried by such an amateur.

  11. Sadly, he probably sees himself as a victim and in this way has zero chance of learning from this experience.

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