Step Away From the Mozzarella Caprese: Florida Chef Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Server

49892676thumbnail.aspxChef Mark DeCraepeo at Pizza Time in Boca Raton had been pushed just about as far as you can go as an Italian chef. One of his cousins working as a waitress at the restaurant hanged a ticket for another mozzarella caprese after he has already prepared the dish. DeCraepeo responded by pulling a gun and threatening to shoot her in the forehead if she hanged another order for mozzarella caprese.

DeCraepeo has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he pulled the gun and then slammed it on the counter top to show that he was “serious.”

The fact is that mozzarella caprese has been the undoing of many of good chef. While apologists at the National Mozzarella Caprese Association dismiss the impact on chefs, caprese crimes are tragically common — dwarfed only by assaults related to Osso Buco.

245px-Hells_Kitchen_titleThese are the moments with Gordon Ramsay that do not make the series “Hell’s Kitchen.”

DeCraepeo can now top the order of aggravated assault with a side order of assault in tort. That, however, could be viewed as arbitrary and capres-ious.

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9 thoughts on “Step Away From the Mozzarella Caprese: Florida Chef Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Server”

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  2. This whole article is a L.I.E. The alleged waitress had been sleeping with one of the family members now ex husband and was a cheap gold digging conniving whore. In FACT the mistress waitress went later to drop the charges but it was too late and this family suffered for her lies. I hope karma will come around for all your hateful words and her lies

  3. Clearly someone who has issues and needs a different job.

    How lazy/crazy/adjective of choice do you have to be as a “chef” to go ballistic about making what is probably the simplest to prepare and most profitable dish on the menu?

  4. Danielle Staub, stand aside…there’s somebody more crazy than you in town, and he’s a pizza lunatic of the first degree.

  5. Perhaps it is finally time to consider banning the sale of this dangerous cheese altogether?

    How many more food servers must be threatened before we start taking this problem seriously?


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