Expresso Machoato: Virginia Man Charged After Making Coffee in the Nude

250px-A_small_cup_of_coffee.JPGEric Williamson, a 29-year-old Springfield man has been charged in Fairfax County with the crime of making coffee in the nude — in his own home. A neighbor called the police after she walked by Williamson’s house with her seven-year-old son and saw him making espresso exposo.

I am happy to see my local police adding to this blog. Williamson was seen at 5:30 am when he might not have been expecting an audience. Nevertheless, the police concluded that he wanted to cause a frappu-sceno.

eric+williamsonHe now faces a misdemeanor charge for indecent exposure and could face up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

This is analogous to another case in a neighboring jurisdiction when Washington police arrested a government official who was accused of intentionally parading himself in front of a bay window. However, usually these cases involve men outside windows exposing themselves.

One would normally expect more than one unguarded moment for a criminal charge, as in the Georgetown case. Yet, if you want the grande Mocha Con Berries in Virginia, go to Starbucks and remember to dress.

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23 thoughts on “Expresso Machoato: Virginia Man Charged After Making Coffee in the Nude”

  1. That is why I live on eight acres in the foothills. I can make coffee outside in the buff and no one would see. This lady and far too many others are way too uptight and self righteous.

    She most likely has a very stressful and uncomfortable life going around getting offended over everything. It must really suck being her.

  2. Clearly this is some McCathy-ism bull-pucky. This woman (Mrs.Crabtree) needs to lighten up and pull off her puritanism pilgrim hat and get a life other than walking lil Joey to school. He’s worse off surfing the web than walking down a street MAME. The COPS sound like boy scouts with an agenda. Wanna be a real cop with real issues..try a city..
    PAH=LEASE..I think we should start arresting churches and shutting em down for that man on the cross with a thong on. Now thats indecent exposure..(thats what’ll they’ll say next)
    PS.I don’t know why I bothered to rant and rave..I think its another reason for Europeans to relect in our face how dillusional our country can get.

  3. The woman was a cop’s wife and that’s why the guy got arrested, and that’s why they are wasting taxpayer dollars investigating this “crime”. Her story is BS, but the police department will waste thousands of collars covering up for the lies of one of their own, because they make the law. I wish they would arrest her damn ass and throw her in jail for a few days or weeks where she can enjoy communal showers and shits every day.

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