No Comprendo La Constitución: Dallas Police Ticketed Dozens of Drivers for Not Speaking English

187px-DPDDallas police officers have cited drivers for not being able to speak English after least 38 times in the past three years. After these citations were disclosed by the media, Chief David Kunkle insisted that it was a big mistake and that such citations are only appropriate for non-English drivers of commercial vehicles.

Latinos make up 44 percent of the more than 1 million residents in Dallas and nearly 45 percent speak a language other than English.

One of the six officers who wrote these tickets was a stand out with five citations to his credit for non-English drivers.

Kunkle says that he will not even allow tickets for non-English commercial drivers in light of the controversy and will leave that to “other law enforcement agencies.”

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7 thoughts on “No Comprendo La Constitución: Dallas Police Ticketed Dozens of Drivers for Not Speaking English”

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  2. Personally, I believe that one should speak the language of the country that they are visiting. I have French relatives who speak English when they are out and about and visiting with others while here in America. (My dad married a French woman a little over a year ago while living and working in France (long story), so we’re not French ourselves).
    And when my family and I travel to Europe, we are expected to speak French, which is fine by me.
    When my dad took us to France when I was 7 yrs old, we lived there for a year and at school, those teachers did not slow down for us American kids. We HAD to learn our French or fall behind. Although it was only a year, I am still fluent in French at age 27.

    But not knowing the language of the country one is visiting surely is not something that someone should be ticketed for.

  3. Texas or Tejas was the Spanish pronunciation of a Caddo Indian word translated to mean “friends” or “allies”.

    Texas like a whole nother Country. Now the article says that the Police Issued the Tickets. What it does not say is that the City of Dallas had a fine category for this nonexistent offense. It is 204 US Dollars, now I bet people are going to expect a refund. I heard that is what they are going to do. I can see how a Dallas Police Officer could be confused.

    Where are all of the people that support states rights, why are they not chiming in. We have the 10 Amendment at stake. we certainly don’t have to worry about the supremacy clause especially because this is Texas and we had W as Gov and now suffer Rick Perry. There is just nothing wrong with that picture. (Audience Groans)

    You say it like that’s a problem. Hell, this is Texas after all. Again, you can speak any language you want where you want even here in Texas, so long as it is Texas English.

    Are we really watching the wrong border?

    All you do gooder trying to usurp a little revenue enhancement measure in severe economic times.

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