Cats in Space

I give you a cat in zero gravity.

This does not seem particularly enjoyable for the kitty. Indeed, one might say it is a bit cruel since the cat has no idea why it is being tossed from person to person in zero gravity.

We better hope that the denizens of the cat planet do not see this video. We may soon find ourselves tossed like balls of yarn by super felines:

9 thoughts on “Cats in Space”

  1. Sigh! Wasn’t I just dreamy? I am so wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, all you wonderful, worshipful adoring fans out there in the Galaxy!

  2. Okay, I just watched 2:15 of that Danger Mouse cartoon–I really *do* need to get a life outside of this blawg and fittin’ the gubbamit over the NEPA…

  3. Ok, now let’s rock and roll all night long. Houston, we have a problem, call PETA.

  4. I have been informed by my cats that this kind of entertainment is right out. The dogs were completely horrified once they quit laughing.

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