Ponzi Pampers: Lawyer Accused of Pyramid Scheme Involving Adoptions

CORRECTION Adoption ArrestWith Bernie Madoff and other crooks, we have become used to Ponzi schemes. However, lawyer Kevin Cohen of Roslyn, New York is accused of a rather unique variation on this criminal theme: a baby Ponzi scheme.

Cohen faces up to 15 years in the case and is described by Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice as “an evil, heartless act by a man who would say or do anything to steal money from good people.”

An indictment accused Cohen of grand larceny and other charges related to his promising adoptions to couples from New York, Georgia, Ohio, Texas and Florida. He is accused of ripping off the couples of at least $300,000. That is a lot of Ponzi pampers.

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9 thoughts on “Ponzi Pampers: Lawyer Accused of Pyramid Scheme Involving Adoptions”

  1. So, I guess his theme song will be “I can get Hi with the help of my friends, I can get by with the help of my friends.”

  2. rafflaw,

    There are no ‘typical’ run-of-the-mill lawyers posting within this blawg. You and the others are atypically extraordinary attorneys.

  3. He looks like a dark and twisted Gavin Newsom.

    Okay, come to think of it … he just looks like Gavin Newsom.

  4. This guy should never see the light of day outside of a prison for the rest of his life. To put these people through the heartache and then to rip off their money is just atrocious!

  5. And people thought Noel Cane or Caine was a bad baby broker in the 80’s. I think not. Unfortunately you got what you paid for.

  6. I’m thinking a pyramid made out of babies is inherently unstable. For one, the blocks are not going to be of uniform size. For another, they expand at differential rates. No, no, no . . . if you’re going to build something, materials selection is just as important as design.


    It’s not that kind of pyramid?


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