Recent Harvard Law Grad Arrested in Arson of Sept. 11th Memorial

200px-Harvard_Law_School_shield.svg Brian Schroeder, a 26-year-old 2009 graduate of Harvard Law School, has been reportedly charged in the arson of the Sept. 11 memorial in Manhattan. Schroeder turned himself in on November 1st. He is accused of breaking into the chapel and setting it on fire. While the remains of victims are housed in the structure, the fire did not affect those remains but did destroy mementos and other property.

Schroeder is originally from Texas and was in New York to start with a law firm. He previously clerked for Sidley & Austin but it is not clear if that was the firm that he was joining. He is a graduate of Duke, where he majored in theater. At Harvard, he was the co-president of HLS Lambda and served on a task force to assess how to limit the impact of military recruiting on the campus gay community. He was also an editor on the Harvard Latino Law Review.

He is expected to be charged with arson.

If there was a case for a motion for venue change, this would be it.

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9 thoughts on “Recent Harvard Law Grad Arrested in Arson of Sept. 11th Memorial”

  1. Perhaps Brian felt like many others feel, that the ‘official’ story attributed to their fates is a disservice to them and ourselves. Perhaps his friend lent him some David Ray Griffin books without a shoulder to lean on as well.

  2. G. Welsh,

    That is a bizarre incident. Similar to this case, both recent law school graduates destroyed their careers and futures

  3. After dealing with the judicial system, I have said it and firmly believe that Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Teachers, and persons dealing with public safety must undergo psychological tests. No test, no license. I rest my case!

  4. all that time and talent wasted, very sad.

    Isnt he toast as a lawyer if he gets convicted?

  5. Remembering John Yoo–another fine graduate of an Ivy League Law School.

    What was Schroeder thinking? Maybe he was trying to do something “theatrical” before embarking on his career in law. I guess having an advanced degree from a highly ranked educational institution doesn’t mean that you also possess common sense and good judgment.

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