Massachusetts Officer Charged With Stealing Child Pornography From Evidence Vault

180px-Handcuffs01_2003-06-02Prosecutors in Adams, Massachusetts have a novel case involving evidence that will be used twice in separate unrelated trials, including for one crime after the evidence was put into the evidence vault itself. Adams Police Officer Alan C. Vigiard, 45, is accused of possession of child pornography. His first “possession” occurred in his review of child pornography in the evidence vault.

The chain of custody issue is a bit weird when the custodian himself is accused of the crime. It is also a novel (but defensible) view of “possession” when the officer is found to have viewed the tapes for personal enjoyment. He appears, however, to have made copies of the material.

Vigiard was actually identified by a scar on his hand and CDs discovered by investigators. CDs were found to contain 153 images of child pornography. The police focused on one video clip of a male masturbating in front of a computer monitor. What was surprising about the videotape was the familiar setting — the Police Department evidence room. The man was not clearly shown but Vigiard was identified from a scar on the back of his hand.

The police also discovered that “Lime Wire” — a peer-to-peer file sharing program — had been installed on the evidence room computer.

Vigiard is married with two children. He is facing up to five years in state prison as well as fines ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

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10 thoughts on “Massachusetts Officer Charged With Stealing Child Pornography From Evidence Vault”

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  2. LottaK,

    That was a joke and that was all it was meant to be. I worked for the AG and some people carried the load for the rest maybe that was the exception. I was a political appointee. So maybe I speak from personal experience.

  3. Anonymously Yours “State/Federal employee another term for Semi-Retired.”

    As a long-time Federal employee I absolutely call bs on your comment. I came into contact with hundreds of Federal employees and got to observe and analyze the working conditions of hundreds (if not 1000+) more and with few exceptions (less than I can count on on hand) they worked in an honorable and competent manner.

  4. Buddha:

    “Size is, after all, simply a distraction . . . ”

    That is not what John Holmes says!

  5. Just don’t let the “lean” topic overpower the “functional” topic. Size is, after all, simply a distraction often promulgated by those who have a vested (i.e. monetary) interest in dysfunction.

  6. AY:

    That might change if things don’t get better. I doubt the private sector employees are going to stand for that while they are out of work.

    There might be a ground swell of support for a lean and efficient government sector.

  7. Bully for him, he will now find his calling a state prison princess. I have heard that they have special shows just for Joe’s like him.

    This does not surprise me in the least considering that most of the LEO’s are beasts.

  8. He is facing up to five years in state prison or two and a half years in county jail, …

    You get a different sentence depending on where the time is served? The county jail must have some really bad food.

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