Ohio Police Taser Man After He Runs Into Burning Home to Save Sister and Friends

taser gun bart officer-218-85MIke Bartlett of Kent, Ohio probably thought that the worst thing that happened to him on Sunday was finding his house on fire at 4:30 am. He was wrong. After Bartlett ran in and out of the house to save people, he was tasered by officers standing outside and arrested.

Bartlett noticed the fire in his sister’s room when he returned home and went into the room to be sure that she was not there. He then ran through the house looking for others. He returned to the burning house to locate the sleeping girlfriend of his cousin.

The resident, Mike Bartlett, said he was returning from downtown for his cell phone when he noticed his sister’s room on fire. He ran in to make sure she was not there and continued to find his friends in the basement and alert them of the fire. He said his cousin’s girlfriend was sleeping upstairs so he went back in the house to retrieve her.

“As I was running downstairs, I could hear the window glass popping because of the heat,” Bartlett said.

When he went outside, he found police officers standing in the driveway. He claims that they dismissed him when he approached for help but then, as he walked toward one of his friends, they tackled him and tasered him. The officers claim that he was combative and intoxicated.

Bartlett also complains that he was given no medical attention and was only taken to a hospital after his court appearance despite the fact that he had first and second degree burns.

This is not the first time that police have arrested a man after he tried to rescue people or pets from a burning building, here, In another case, a son was tasered for trying to rescue his Dad — who proceeded to drown in the water.

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15 thoughts on “Ohio Police Taser Man After He Runs Into Burning Home to Save Sister and Friends”

  1. There are already several blogs on the subject of tasers; their overuse, misuse and abuse; and the exaggerated to the point of falsehood claims of essentially perfect safety.

  2. There a lot that can be done. We can begin to open are collective mouths. It’s less than one month away from the “Stop Taser Torture, blogging for Justice Day scheduled for December 4, 2009.

    A group of progressive bloggers have started this effort with a goal to unite the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day – Taser Torture in America, Canada and throughout the world.

    I would urge anyone who has a blog to join us on December 4th. “Stop Taser Torture, blogging for Justice.” as we raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

    I know many of the readers of Jack and Jill Politics have blogs. I urge you to register for the event and include your blog or website. Here is the email address: StopTaserTorture@gmail.com

    Don’t forget to support the petition to the United States Congress calling for public hearings on the systemic human rights violations occurring with Federal funding for the use of Tasers® against American citizens.

    The United Nation’s Committee against Torture has declared that Taser use can constitute a form of torture, while USA: Amnesty International has an on-going concern about the use of tasers on American citizens.

    Here is the link: http://www.petition2congress.com/2/1822/taser-torture-in-america-call-congressional-hearings/

    Have a question? Need additional information? Want to participate? Register via email: StopTaserTorture@gmail.com

    Also, don’t forget, please make a $10 or 20 dollar secure Pay Pal donation to this cause: http://aapp.chipin.com/stop-taser-torture

    If we don’t address this tasering issue, no one else will.


  3. We have exceeded any reasonable, subjective-based threshold regarding abuse of Tasers by law enforcement. Use of Tasers should be halted until a full, objective review of a representative sample of cases based on sound statistical inference to determine any statistically significant level of abuse. That is, are we simply hearing about the worst cases out of thousands of legitimate cases where Tasers were properly employed?

    Clearly, such comments as “he took a ride on the Taser” demonstrate an abject cavalier attitude to a potentially deadly use of force action against another human being. These are not rabid animals that LEOs are tasering.

  4. Buddha,
    You hit it on the head. These police officers are a disgrace to all of the cops who follow the rules and keep people’s safety in mind.

  5. After watching the Columbine High School massacre unfold on TV, I’m not surprise law enforcement would rather stand around and let people die than put themselves in any kind of jeopardy. And if you try to pressure them to do anything to help then watch out.

  6. Someone should start a blog specific to taser abuse. There would be a steady trickle of incidents to post about.

    I’m trying to think of names.

    Taser Video Verdicts
    911 Volts
    Kilovolt Cop
    Closed Circuit Roadside Court


  7. The Raw Story used to cover stories of taser abuses, but many people probably viewed the stories just as sensationalism coming from that source. I am so pleased that you are exposing these abuses now because you are the real thing, a constitutional expert. I wonder if any legislators, on any level of government, are looking into the matter. I know Amnesty International is watching, but I don’t know if it or any other advocacy group, e.g., the ACLU, plans on supporting any legal action.

  8. Ya don’t suppose that the rules regarding the use of tasers need to be as strict as discharging a firearm; do ya?

  9. From linked article: “He said he approached them for help, but they dismissed him.” … “According to the Kent City Police levels of resistance report, Bartlett used psychological and physical active resistance to avoid arrest. The report stated he was both combative and intoxicated.”
    “psychological …resistance to avoid arrest”

    So now it’s illegal to, what, confuse a cop? Hurt their feelings? Maybe asking them why they aren’t helping you look for your sister, even in an agressive manner?

    Maybe Ohio residents have superhuman mental powers ala “The Fury” or “Scanners” and the cops need protection against these powers? I suggest tinfoil hats which seems to me to be entirely appropriate in this instance. Drunk or not the tazee was walking away when he was tazed according to his statement.

  10. More and more police work becomes the threat of “You listen to me or else!” Didn’t it used to be about protecting the public, or am I just naive?

  11. This makes me sick. To think that Officers have this much respect for humanity. “To Protect and Serve” who were they serving, if this story is correct?

  12. Holy Cow. This taser has got to be taken away from police officers. They misuse against actual violators of the law and as in this case, they misuse against law abiding citizens. Are you sure this didn’t really happen in Texas?

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