Congressman Promises to Drive Liberals Crazy with Pledge of Allegiance and Then Stumbles on the Words

Rep. Todd Akin is under fire for claiming that saying the Pledge of Allegiance “drives liberals crazy.” However, the Missouri congressman seems to stumble on the words when he leads a group of teabaggers in Washington.

Red Skelton did it a bit better:

Of course, Democrats do not help themselves by sitting through the pledge as a protest to the Republicans taking over one of their legislative houses:

Of course, there appear to many conservatives in places like Texas who hate both the pledge and the nation that it represents:

24 thoughts on “Congressman Promises to Drive Liberals Crazy with Pledge of Allegiance and Then Stumbles on the Words”

  1. byron,

    I didn’t invent the definition of “allegiance”.

    Please feel free to copy and paste the definition from the source you find to be reliable.

    Have we really arrived at a time in which we all make up our own definitions for the words we use? That would be the case with “allegiance”. Wouldn’t it?

  2. The use of the Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem and the American flag are poor metaphors, pushed by jingoistic thinkers to hide the fact that they either have no understanding of what makes this country great, or actually disagree with the principles on which it is founded. I love this country for its’ people, its beauty, it’s my birthplace and home, and the fact that on occasion it has represented the best of humanity’s aspirations. Performing a rote pledge, singing a warlike anthem or saluting a flag, does not a patriot or even a good citizen make. Understanding the noblest aspirations of our Founding Father’s, protecting our Constitution from misinterpretation and defending our freedom as citizens are the basis of true patriotism.

  3. Imposter:

    are you sh . . . me? That definition of “Allegiance” could be right out of Hitlers Hand Book.

    We don’t owe an allegiance to our country. We don’t owe anything to our country. Our country is made up of individuals each pursuing our own ideas about how we live our lives. The operative word is “individual”. We protect ourselves, i.e. citizen soldiers. If we fight, we fight because we think liberty is a value. We owe allegiance to no man or country. In a free country that values the individual, the only allegiance owed is to one’s personal values. Hopefully liberty is a value that most Americans share.

    I really hope you aren’t a conservative or if you are you aren’t a typical conservative. Your thoughts on this are giving the rest of us a bad name. Do you see what you are saying? Think about it, you would be nothing more than a feudal serf at the whim and mercy of the master.

    My allegiance or actually fidelity is to the philosophy that makes America a good country – the sanctity of the individual.

  4. gyges,

    A pledge of allegiance to the flag is not to be taken literally. It’s a pledge of allegiance to one’s country.

    Black’s Second Edition:
    “ALLEGIANCE- By allegiance is meant the obligation of fidelity and obedience which the individual owes to the government under which he lives, or to his sovereign in return for the protection he receives. It may be an absolute and permanent obligation, or it may be a qualified and temporary one. The citizen or subject owes an absolute and permanent allegiance to his government or sovereign, or at least until, by some open and distinct act, he renounces it and becomes a citizen or subject of another government or another sovereign. The alien, while domiciled in the country, owes a local and temporary allegiance, which continues during the period of his residence.”

    If you renounce allegiance, you renounce nationality (citizenship).

  5. BIL,

    As far as straight entertainment value they can’t be beat, but the Amazing Randi has a soft spot in my heart for that stunt he pulled in Australia all those years ago, and his work for rational thinking ever since.

  6. Buddha,

    nal cannot serve two masters. Something about that manna stuff. But I bet nal can sing fairly well.

  7. Gyges,

    As far as I’m concerned, there are no better comic illusionists practicing today than Penn & Teller.

    And if no one has seen their film “Penn & Teller Get Killed”? I cannot suggest it highly enough. I laughed until I stopped.

  8. Imposter,

    So I should be owe this allegiance as protection money? By merit of geographical accident?


    That’s just funny.

    And sport means exactly what you think it means. Sport.

  9. We’ll try this again with a different version of the clip. In case it doesn’t embed, it’s Penn and Teller’s Flag trip, well worth the 5 min. of your time. They’re my favorite conjurers still performing.

  10. Imposter,

    So the American Flag has magical properties that have kept me safe? If not then why (by your definition) should I pledge my allegiance to it? We’re a country founded on the fact that the government is in place by the will of the people, not that the people are protected by the will of the people. I say, let’s make all of those who hold elected office pledge allegiance to America’s citizens, and stop forcing our kids to pay homage to a symbol (by the way, I’m also anti-Santa Clause).

  11. George Bush was the bestest president EVER. OMG–this stuff really works! Thank God he flubbed it or the damage might have been permanent!

  12. buddha,

    I may be the one who is confused.

    Where did you find your definition of “allegiance”?

    Everything I read tells me that allegiance is something owed, in exchange for protection.

    Allegiance is something owed from birth. Therefore, natural allegiance is not something earned.

    I am not familiar with your customs. Is “sport” used like “over” is in radio communications?


  13. No, imposter. You mistake what one actually owes as a matter of basic principle and the social compact. If my government is not delivering the goods, I owe them nothing. Ergo, that allegiance is earned by government’s good performance. “Governments (derive) their just powers from the consent of the governed” That’d be Thomas Jefferson, sport.

    your nick = IRONY

  14. Me thinks the Buddha has allegiance confused with respect.

    Allegiance is something you OWE to the country of which you are a subject or citizen.

    “You clowns getting educated would really make us crazy”. =IRONY

  15. Driven crazy with laughter perhaps.

    Listen up, screwheads. A flag is a piece of cloth. You might as well be swearing allegiance to a dress or a dish towel. No one, I repeat – NO ONE, has ever died for a flag. They’ve died for the ideals a flag may represent like FREEDOM (which by the way includes the freedom to not be a Christian or even burn the flag), but no one has ever died for a flag. Second, allegiance is just like respect. It’s EARNED. Thankfully not all of us are so easily programmed as children. Finally, if you neocon dipsticks want to really drive liberals crazy? Read a book that wasn’t written by Limbaugh or Beck or Pastor Polyester Suit, preferably science and/or history. You clowns getting educated would really make us crazy. Why? Because when you were done pulling your head out of your personal dark stinky place, you’d be liberals too. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Have a nice day.

  16. Tower of Babel and speaking in tongues comes to mind. Sooner or later one of them is going to trot out with a hand full of snake’s and there no longer will be any doubt.

  17. See what happens when you put more than 2 words together. My, my. I guess it really is sage advice to remember this: Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool rather than open it and remove all doubt. Bush was the master. Not much hast Cheneied.

  18. As a Missouri resident and an observer of wingnuttery in all of its glory nothing sums up, for me, the movement, yesterday’s crowd or Akin’s pandering better than that old nugget of poli-sci commentary from Randy Newman, “Rednecks”:

    “Last night I saw Lester Maddox on a TV show
    With some smart ass New York Jew
    And the Jew laughed at Lester Maddox
    And the audience laughed at Lester Maddox too
    Well he may be a fool but he’s our fool
    If they think they’re better than him they’re wrong
    So I went to the park and I took some paper along
    And that’s where I made this song

    We talk real funny down here
    We drink too much and we laugh too loud
    We’re too dumb to make it in no Northern town
    And we’re keepin’ the niggers down

    We got no-necked oilmen from Texas
    And good ol’ boys from Tennessee
    And colleges men from LSU
    Went in dumb. Come out dumb too
    Hustlin’ ’round Atlanta in their alligator shoes
    Gettin’ drunk every weekend at the barbecues
    And they’re keepin’ the niggers down

    We’re rednecks, rednecks
    And we don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground
    We’re rednecks, we’re rednecks
    And we’re keeping the niggers down

    Now your northern nigger’s a Negro
    You see he’s got his dignity
    Down here we’re too ignorant to realize
    That the North has set the nigger free

    Yes he’s free to be put in a cage
    In Harlem in New York City
    And he’s free to be put in a cage on the South-Side of Chicago
    And the West-Side
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in Hough in Cleveland
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in East St. Louis
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in Fillmore in San Francisco
    And he’s free to be put in a cage in Roxbury in Boston
    They’re gatherin’ ’em up from miles around
    Keepin’ the niggers down


    Just substitute Todd Akin’s name for Lester Maddox (Or Bachman’s et al) and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the current face of an old plague IMO. I watched a lot of the coverage of the crowd and I was struck again by what a stunningly white crowd it was, as are most of the teabag protest crowds.

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