Sesame Shill? PBS Accused of Showing Anti-Fox Bias “On the Street”

180px-Foxnewslogo.svgAEOrangeOscarWhile conservatives believe that the Pledge of Allegiance “drives Liberals crazy,” Sesame Street seems to have the same effect on them. Conservatives are outraged by what they view as a dissing from Oscar the Grouch and an unnamed muppet who referred to a network called “Pox News” in a dismissive way.

On the show, it is clear that the Grouch in fact watches GNN — the Grouchy News Network. However, GNN (a reference to CNN) is turning off by the other muppet who announces “I am changing the channel. From now on I am watching ‘Pox’ News. Now there is a trashy news show.”

One critic complains “The message is clear, I can’t even sit my kids in front of “Sesame Street” without having to worry about the Left attempting to undermine my authority. And don’t tell me, ‘If you don’t like it change the channel.’ There are no channels left! It’s everywhere.”

The absence of any muppet audience for MSNBC may require some attention by the network and review of their business plan. Of course, Glenn Beck is believed to be an actual muppet, which should give Fox an advantage:

There may also be an advantage to open pandering to the muppet demographic:

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42 thoughts on “Sesame Shill? PBS Accused of Showing Anti-Fox Bias “On the Street””

  1. god bless america,

    See your problem is that you are so ignorant that you prove my point by your post and don’t even understand the fact that you did. You go to Wiki for a definition of Socialism and Capitalism? This proves you are bandying words about, based on propaganda you believe, as a scare tactic to yourselves and others. Let me make this clear and put it into simple terms you can understand.

    Socialism is an economic system where the means of production are controlled by the government and the economy’s operation is planned by that government. Socialism is all encompassing in this respect. Real socialists would look at all the country’s people like you would call socialist and reject them as not being socialist. This is true of even Sweden and Denmark, which your ilk often define as Socialist.

    While Capitalism is also an economic theory it has a wider range of iterations than Socialism. In it supposed purest sense, which has never existed in any country, Capitalism is a system where the “free market” determines all economic choices and the government does not interfere with the operations of the supposed “free market.” This has never existed in the US, much less the rest of the world and only has achieved “purity” in the brain of Ayn Rand. Even the theorists of the”free market” Smith and Burke recognized that some government control was necessary to restrain greed and maintain the freedom of the marketplace.

    The people you accept propaganda from have redefined socialism to meet their own political needs and have done a sloppy job of it. Just because a government runs various programs does not make the system socialistic. Police and Fire Departments are run by government. so is our judicial system, but beyond that in most major locations the infrastructure is run by government. That is because from the beginning of our country its’ founders, whether from the right or the left recognized that government existed to provide protection for the people and to maintain the country’s infrastructure. For the last thousand years most of the world’s country’s have maintained postal systems because of recognition that this was a government function. No one with any sense of the issue would say that is “socialistic.”

    Due to the “Cold War” and the outright lies of the Republican Party all
    efforts to have government operate various systems, such as health care, have been labelled socialist” and/or “communist.” This to me is the “bogey man” form of political debate and it is what you were using
    in your rather pathetic comment. The silliness was such that I answered you briefly, because you obviously didn’t know what you were talking about and so clearly believe that FOX and Rush are reliable news sources.

    To me the stupidest and probably most un-American aspect of the health care debate is the nonsensical belief that it is an attack on business by the people of the Chamber of Commerce. Our industry’s have failed to be able to compete with the rest of the industrialized world because their health care system’s cost have been taken off the backs of business, increasing their profit margin and making them more competitive. This country absolutely needs national health care if we are to compete in the world’s markets. Your propagandists don’t care about America’s business competitiveness and that makes them anti-American. Your FOX news is run by an Australian, who lives in the UK and China, rupert Murdoch. He controls the propaganda that moves you and he could care less about our country. Most of our major corporate entities, like EXXON/Mobil, consider themselves to be international companies and could care less about the success of America. By supporting them blindly and ignorantly, you show yourself to be actually anti-American.

    To get back to the original point though Government operation of some aspects of the people’s needs is not socialism or socialistic. It is simply an economic choice, despite what propaganda you believe. Social Security and national health insurance was first supplied in Germany of the 1880’s by Otto Von Bismarck. He was hardly a socialist (as you can Wiki)and truly an arch conservative. His reasoning was that government was obligated to attend to the needs of its people to ensure that the lower classes would be healthy workers.

    If you were really the patriot your nickname implies you might try to educate yourself about all of this. You would find from a perusal of history that in this country alone, rather than a “free market” government has used its resources to aid business and actually purposely helped some people become wealthy. Wiki American Railroads and then come back and tell me you’d be against what happened because that was socialistic.

    What amuses me most about the people you hang with is that all they try to do is scare people, with words they themselves don’t understand.
    Your refusal to acknowledge our President shows that rather than the patriot you style yourself to be, you are really a traitor and a hater of America. My advice to you is that if you don’t like it here you should leave and go to a country that believes in the capitalist free market. Your only problem would be in finding one and despite your ignorance the closest you might get is Russia or China.

  2. God bless America!, are you not watching? The Senate is poised to pass a law that says you and 30 million other citizens must buy health insurance from robber barons and if you don’t you will be ‘fined’ by the IRS. And your tax dollars will be used to subsidize the buy. I suggest you spend less time carping about liberals and more time educating the Senate.

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