Meet Mary Strey: The World’s Most Honest Drunk Driver

s-MARY-STREY-largeMary Strey may be condemned for driving while drunk, but there is something redeeming in the 911 call below where she calls to report herself to police in Neillsville, Wisconsin.

Strey of Granton, Wisconsin had the sense of responsibility to call the police on herself on October 24th. Here is the transcript of the call:

Clark County 911.

Mary M. Strey:
Somebody’s really drunk, driving down Granton Road.

OK, where at, on Granton Road?

Mary M. Strey:
Ah, there’s only like six miles… drive through Granton and Neillsville.

Which way are they going?

Mary M. Strey:
They are going, um.

Are they going toward Granton or going toward Neillsville?

Mary M. Strey:
Towards Granton.

OK, are you behind them, or?

Mary M. Strey:
No, I am them.

You am them?

Mary M. Strey:
Yes, I am them?

OK, so you want to call in and report that you’re driving drunk?

Mary M. Strey:

OK, what’s your name?

Mary M. Strey:

OK, hold on a second, Mary. OK?

Mary M. Strey:

She will face a misdemeanor drunken driving charge due to a blood-alcohol level of twice the legal limit. She will appear in December in the case. While she is to be faulted for getting into the car in the first place, it would seem that such a case warrants a degree of leniency given her self-incrimination.

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12 thoughts on “Meet Mary Strey: The World’s Most Honest Drunk Driver”

  1. I couldn’t let this story slip by without penning a little light verse in honor of Mary “I Am Them” Strey.

    Belt Down a Few and Buckle Up for Safety

    This is Ms. Mary Strey
    And I’m calling to say
    That I’m out on the road driving drunk today.

    Not sure what I have done
    So I called 911.
    Could you get in a cruiser and fetch me, my son?

  2. Somebody send Mary the Bush-Obama playbook on criminal behavior: Admit nothing and move forward.

    My favorite line from the transcript: “I am them.” 😉

  3. I couldn’t tell from the transcript if Mary was still driving the car toward Granton during the 911 call or if she had already pulled herself over and had conducted a series of nose-touchings and line walks to determine her drunkedness.

    I’ve heard of calling former girlfriends or boyfriends while inembriated, but this call is a at whole new level of intoxication.

  4. Dredd,

    See what happens when you do drunk dialing? I wonder when you was finally stopped if she was offered the chance to phone a friend.

    Granton is a Village, so now it is known what the village idiot is up too. Has anyone seen or heard from W?

  5. She would do better to put herself in the basement and give the keys to the car to a friend …

    … it is never too late for honesty, stupidity, or being too late … 🙂

  6. Been there, have not done that. Never…..I don’t care how drunk I was……

  7. It gives me hope for humanity to know that stupidity will occasionally send people in the right direction.

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