Keeping Corpses Straight: Rhode Island Governor Bars Same Sex Couples From Joint Funeral Arrangements

125px-Flag_of_Rhode_Island.svgportraitIt appears that opponents of same-sex marriage cannot even tolerate the thought of gay couples being buried together. Rhode Island Governor Donald L. Carcieri (R) has vetoed a bill that would have added “domestic partners” to the list of people authorized by law to make joint funeral arrangements. He feels that idea of joint burials smacks too much of a marriage.

What is particularly arbitrary is the fact that these couples can presumably make such arrangements for themselves in life and be buried in the same plot. The governor simply does not want them making arraignments for each other if one is suddenly killed without such preparations.

In his veto statement, Carcieri stated “This bill represents a disturbing trend over the past few years of the incremental erosion of the principles surrounding traditional marriage, which is not the preferred way to approach this issue.” Here is the full statement: veto_s0195_funeral_directors

Under the legislation, a domestic partner can make funeral arrangement if they can show “exclusive, intimate and committed relationship” with the deceased and had lived with him or her for at least a year prior to the death.

Carcieri noted that not only does such a power suggest something close to a traditional marriage but such a “partner” could take precedence over “traditional family member.” He also wants to see more of a commitment than a year –despite the fact that a day is sufficient for a heterosexual couple.

With his veto, the governor reaffirms that in Rhode Island they prefer their corpses straight and segregated.

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31 thoughts on “Keeping Corpses Straight: Rhode Island Governor Bars Same Sex Couples From Joint Funeral Arrangements”

  1. The amount of homophobia and gay bashing displayed in your comments section is rather unsettling.

    Are you sure you did not make this whole story up. Even Jon Stewart’s writers could not have done a better job.

  2. maverratick:

    maybe it was because dead people don’t have sex and there are all types of “underground” sex parties on all variations of the sexual spectrum.

    And also possibly because most normal people aren’t into necrophilia. And additionally because there are some people that think that aids is the result/fault of unprotected bath house sex in the gay community. So please excuse me if I didn’t “get” your “joke” and wanted you to clarify what you meant.

  3. The Governor met with gay activists yesterday and announced afterwards that he vetoed the bill because he favors a comprehensive package of gay rights legislation including civil unions, nothwithstanding his long-standing opposition to gay marriage.

    I’m not sure I understand his thought process but many folks in Rhode Island welcome the announcement.

  4. In Rhode Island can one buy a big freezer and put one’s domestic partner in a deep freeze? It’s going to take longer than a day to fully freeze a human body and that gives pleeeeeeenty of time for these “traditional family members” to object.
    A year and a day later, after being frozen 366 days to show enough “commitment” for this stupid governor [documented by your electric bills] your lover’s frozen corpse can be pulled out and you can make arraignments during the thaw. It’s a *loophole* I came up with by *myself*.

    There’s only one problem- Rhode Island is too small to hold a decent freezer.

  5. maverratick–

    You wrote: “Underground sex in the gay community has resulted in devastating consequences for public health.”

    That’s right. One must be careful whose one tombmate is for eternity.

  6. Well maverratick, at first blush for me, it clearly went “WHOOSH!” over my head. Had you not replied to Byron, I still would not have “gotten” your joke.

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