3 thoughts on “Perils of the Press VII: Beaver Leaves Impression on Bell”

  1. Well Ward as June was admonishing him for being a little to hard on the Beaver last night.

  2. Well, Beaver said the Judge “sponged” his record. And it sure appears the what the real beaver did to the other one also required a sponging. Never trust a beaver in arms—not unlike a babe in arms…

    ‘Leave It To Beaver’ was one of the best shows I watched as a kid and the theme music was neat. In fact, for the musically inclined, I think ol’ Marty Robbins borrowed and rearranged the melodic contour of the Beaver theme’s basic structure for his great song ‘El Paso’ (Out in the West Texas town of…)

    Leave it to Beaver 1957-63
    El Paso 1959

    Of course, I may be the only human on this planet who hears that similarity in the melodies…

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