9 thoughts on “Sheer Genius: Sweet Child O Mine Performed Mano-a-Mano”

  1. foo,

    Don’t forget QED and the RAP is not that difficult. No interest in being, bull shit still is valid in a number of states but carries different names. How else do you splain charitable trusts? They violate it by its name. Ah, the Trust the Corporate exception….

  2. foo,

    If your property professor is omitting the RAP, I suggest mastering it yourself on the side if you intend to do estate planning. To be honest? It has a lot of buildup as being “difficult” but it’s not that big a deal. Focus on “existent at the time” and the terms of vestment and you’ll be fine. Sounds like a little like lazy on your Prof’s part though.

  3. AY,

    I have property tonight. I don’t wanna study any more interests in common and the four unities.

    Amazingly, our prof did not think we needed to learn the rule against perpetuities, but I figure I’ll learn it in barbri.

  4. foo,

    Go back to studying. Your GPA depends on you. Then you can learn to depend on depends, but that depends.

  5. Shouldn’t this also be filed under Bizarre and Criminal? Just asking….

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