Detective Offers Conflicting Testimony in World Bank Case

This afternoon, the Plaintiffs in the World Bank/IMF protest case filed a notice with the Court of the receipt of an affidavit in the case from a police detective, who contradicts the sworn testimony of former D.C. (and current Philadelphia) Police Chief Charles Ramsey. As lead counsel in one of the two cases (with my colleague Daniel Schwartz of Bryan Cave), I am limited in what I can say on the case. However, to reduce calls to my office, I am posting the filing below.

The notice is filed with our colleagues in the Barham Mara Verheyden-Hilliard and Carl Messineo for the Partnership for Civil Justice who has posted videos of the deposition of Ramsey, here.

The notice states in part:

In opposition to that motion and in yesterday’s status hearing before this Court, Chang counsel raised the issue and discussed the relevance of Detective Hustler’s possible testimony. (See Dkt. No. 558 in Chang.) The Court ordered the deposition of Detective Hustler to go forward under the supervision of the Marshall Service or Magistrate Facciola. Following the hearing, counsel for both Chang and Barham jointly reviewed an affidavit that had been submitted by Detective Hustler that disclosed the evidence that would have been presented in the deposition. (See Hustler Affidavit, attached as Exhibit 1.) The evidence is
extremely disturbing and contradicts prior sworn representations given to the Court and plaintiffs during the past seven years of litigation of this matter as well as the investigation into the Pershing Park arrests undertaken by the District of Columbia Council. The affidavit details the actions and observations of Detective Hustler on September 27, 2002, including his observations of the orders given for the mass arrest in Pershing Park.

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8 thoughts on “Detective Offers Conflicting Testimony in World Bank Case”

  1. Good luck Professor Turley! I have to agree with Mike S that peaceful protests just seem to upset the police for some reason.

  2. I find it more than coincidental that all protests against the World Bank/IMF have been marked by police violence.

  3. Speaking of good and bad cops . . .

    Officer Jason Anderson killed two and was NOT on a call while speeding at over 100 mph. He was put on administrative leave instead of arrested for vehicular manslaughter. I want to know why.


    I suggest all of us calling Chief Keith L. Mello and Deputy Chief Steven Fournier at the Milford Police Department
    430 Boston Post Road, Milford, Connecticut, 06460 – Phone: 203-783-4768 and asking them why this KILLER has not been arrested.

  4. Somebody is Law Enforcement is doing the correct thing? You must be kidding me, next you’ll say that America was wrong to go to war and that world peace has been solved along with world hunger. And that the CIA did not have anything to do with the AIDS virus.

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