16 thoughts on “Shock Video: Officers Stop Bicyclists on Video and . . . Hug them”

  1. See you should have gone to my page and made a correction. WWI not a Nazi, WWII lots of Nazi’s.

  2. I hate it when bicyclists act like they don’t have to obey traffic laws.

    I encounted a situaton where cyclist ran a stop sign when I was driving my Expedition. I actually did not see the man on bike and he started yelling at me, telling me that he had the right of way. It was and two-way stop, not a four way stop. Thankfully, there was a cop sitting at the opposite stop sign who saw everything and cited the jerk for failure to yield!

  3. Wikiman:

    one of 2 things, either the officers were gay or they were afraid of a sexual harassment suit.

  4. Are not the Danes ahead of everyone else? Why were the women allowed to continue on without a helmet? Did I miss something? They want to save the value of a mans life but not a woman. Hey something wrong with this picture.

  5. but then if the MF’s dont stick it to them with all sorts of prohibitional laws and fines.

  6. a nanny state action that I can get behind, don’t make a law encourage people to do something.

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