7 thoughts on “PETA’s Thanksgiving Message: Enjoy Your Tortured Bird With a Heaping Bowl of Cruelty”

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  2. WTF? She left out the hip dysplasia and broken bones that turkeys always get from being bred to be big and meaty with thin wiry little skeletons that literally can’t support them. And their instinct to forage is suppressed because for the sake of higher profits we cram so many of them into each cage that they can’t move. So they’ll go nuts and peck at each other. We prevent that by turning off the lights and keeping them in the dark their whole lives to prevent them from seeing each other.

    Whenever I hear “Happy Thanksgiving” or cracks about the fates of turkeys being in people’s mouths I think of the sad, cruel things we do to these once magnificent animals. I used to live in a land full of wild turkeys, unmolested by man. They proudly stormed across the landscape in colorful single lines, over and around the hills, bobbing their heads as they seemed to glide a bit into the air with every trot they made. I’d eat one of those suckers without feeling guilty at all.

  3. There have been times in my life when I’ve considered a meatless lifestyle and to boot there are literally hundreds of thousands of vegetarian dishes that are every bit as delicious and satisfying as a steak. However, I draw the line at the need to cook vegetarian dishes that simulate meat/poultry dishes. They are not only unneeded given the choice available, but they are also for the most part putrid. My older daughter is a vegan and a fabulous cook, but the one time she made Tofurkey(along with the regular turkey done by my carnivorous son-in-law) I gagged when sampling it. For vegetarian give me a good potato/chick pea curry over basmati rice and I’ll be a happy man.

  4. I saw this great cartoon once. It said: “I’m a vegetarian because I like to kill vegetables” and it showed the guy manically cutting up a carrot. I think the cartoon was about senior death panels, but I’m not certain.

  5. If you aren’t going to eat meat, don’t eat meat. Eating fake meat fools no one. And tofu? Yeah. I’ve been to restaurants that specialize in tofu. In Japan. Even there it all tasted the same except for the sauces. That’s for this simple reason: tofu is a nutritious FILLER. It tastes like what you cook it with or like spackle – those are your two options. Ergo, it’ll never taste like meat unless you cook it with meat. Kinda defeats the purpose. Just don’t eat meat. Or eat a portabella grilled if you need something meat like. Because tofu fake meat is nasty. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s healthy and environment friendly. It’s also n-a-s-t-y nasty.

    However, on this day of gluttony, parades and football, some basic precautions should be made. No one should have a bad holiday. As a safety precaution for vegans, those non-carnivores amongst our canine and incisor possessing plains ape brethren, they should keep their hands in the vehicle at all times and not think too hard about their dentition.

  6. However we cannot leave out the best of the best.


    Happy Birdday, hope no one is fowled out.

  7. PETA

    People Eating Tasty Animals. Seems right to me.


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