6 thoughts on “A Mouse-Eye View: An Amazing Video of Owl in Slow Motion”

  1. Are you sure that this was not a Campaign Commercial for the RNC or GOP Fund raiser lit piece?

  2. It would be so much more exciting to watch humans killing wolves and other prey from a small plane or helicopter with a high-powered rifle–just ask Sarah Palin.

  3. “Hollywood could spend millions and not get anything quite this beautiful and terrifying.”

    You couldn’t have a better first comment to follow that vid than anon nurse’s ’cause it’s all about empathy. “District 9” gets it right and “2012” doesn’t no matter what they spent on the FX. If you can’t relate from the mouse’s point of view you’re probably not going to be awed or terrified.

    This is a big raptor that probably that brought the mouse’s point of view home to more than one human:


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