Cuomo Files Complaint Against U.H.O. for Fraudulently Raising Money for Homeless in New York

Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo is moving against United Homeless Organization, which raises money around New York for the homeless. Coumo alleges that it is a scam organization that does not support a single shelter or soup kitchen. Cuomo says that the money goes to the workers themselves and the rest goes to the group’s founder and president, Stephen Riley, and its director, Myra Walker.

Cuomo says that his office found money going to such distinctly non-homeless causes as, Toys “R” Us, P. C. Richard, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and premium cable for their homes.

Cuomo noted that there is no record for how much of the cash was spent and that the organization does not have the required independent oversight or board.

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10 thoughts on “Cuomo Files Complaint Against U.H.O. for Fraudulently Raising Money for Homeless in New York”

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  2. Before anyone donates any money to a charitable organization ask them to email or fax you a list of where the money goes. If they won’t or can’t then over 73 percent of every dollar given goes to marketing expenses. Hence, paid fund raisers. Give to public television or NPR related you know that 90 per cent goes to the Operations of the networks.

  3. Mike S.,
    How dare you actually try to help your clients! How could you be so thoghtless to your money grubbing superiors? This is such a sad situation,but as said earlier, it is good that Cuomo is exposing this crime and I hope the ones responsible, if found guilty, are housed in a government run facility for a substantial period of time.

  4. The sad truth is, which I know from actual work experience, that many non-profits are not the organizations of caring they pretend to be. Sorry small government types, but the truth is that government supplies care to the needy far more cheaply, compassionately and efficiently than care from most non-profits.
    The salary structure of the majority of NP’s is quite a tip off to this. Typically upper management is very well paid by the field’s standards, while the workers delivering the services are grossly underpaid. By the way in the 6 years I spent working for 3 non-profits I was in upper management. My main problem was being too honest about my feelings and too interested in helping our clients. That made me subversive.

  5. Well, what would you expect from a program for the homeless? What makes no sense if this is true the people responsible will still get room and board and 3 squares and a cot.

    They will have it much better than those they were entrusted to assist.

  6. Sadly, this is not a great surprise. Having said this, I’m glad that it’s been exposed.

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