22 thoughts on “The Fair and Balanced Pie: Fox Finds 193 Percent of Voters Support GOP Candidates”

  1. Elaine,

    So what you’re saying is that while their math skills aren’t quite as suspect their command of the English language rivals that of my two year old son?

  2. lottakatz–

    Two excerpts from the Think Progress article I made reference to in an earlier comment:

    HARLAN (the anchor of the FOX affiliate in Chicago): “It looks as if the rogue route is helping Sarah Palin. Her book tour has meant new support. A new Opinion Dynamics poll for 2012 shows her on top when it comes to landing the nomination. Palin is at 70 percent, about a third higher than this past July. Mike Huckabee stands at 63 percent. Mitt Romney’s 60.”


    “In fact, the poll Harlan referred to did not ask Republican respondents to pick their favorite candidate. The numbers he cited merely represent favorable ratings among Republicans surveyed for each individual.”

  3. Maybe it was one of those “if candidates X, X, X, X were in a primary race who would you vote for’? kind of survey with alternate or sequential questions being asked with different or decreasing numbers of candidates … oh, wait, you said it was a Faux news story? I’m over-thinking it for sure.


  4. After all these years, I finally understand what irrational numbers mean…

    1 *potatoe*, 2 potatoe, 3 potatoe, 4, Fox *always* adds more…

  5. I wonder who first noticed this Fox Faux Fact. Maybe JT himself. Maybe a watchdog group. Maybe MSNBC or CNN…. Certainly it wasn’t one of Fox’s regular viewers. They accept whatever nonsense that comes through the tube with mindnumbing obedience.

  6. Fox evidently is using REALLY new math to gin up these percentages. Would anyone with a brain expect the clueless–and dishonest–folks at that “news” channel to be good at 1)doing math 2)spelling words correctly 3)telling the truth? Remember when Glenn Beck spelled oligarchy: O-L-I-G-A-R-H-Y???

    Sometimes I’ll turn on FOX just to get a good laugh.


  7. And my bank balance is fairly large, so long as I do not take a deduction on paper. Math makes sense to be as most play glof.

  8. So if this is right,the DEMS should just mail it in,since their cause is lost.
    According to these numbers.:)

  9. One lives to be of service. And thank you for being a nurse, anon nurse. I’ve got both nurses and doctors in the family so I know who really keeps hospitals running.

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