6 thoughts on “Meat Makeup: Where Hamburgers Go To Get That TV Perfect Look”

  1. response to Gyges – why do you pretentious food jerks always have to assert your brand of BS whenever you see/hear a story about food?
    Who gives an F if you don’t eat fast food? No one cares. It doesn’t make you better than anyone who eats meat, it just makes you different. Although, I will add, it DOES seem to make you more of an annoying a-hole!

    Again, we don’t CARE about your pretentious, holier-than-thou eating habits. Don’t eat fast-food? Good, that leaves more for us!
    Now shut the F up and go home and get your shine box. . .

  2. Byron,

    What’s really sad is most of the fast food burgers I see on T.V. still look disgusting to me.

    There’s something seriously wrong with a food culture that eats as much fast food as Americans in general do.

  3. Burger makeup.

    Butt makeup.

    Corporate conspiracy cover ups.

    The world is indeed illusion – much of it of our own making.

  4. Byron,

    NOW TAKE THAT BACK. I AM NEVER EVAH GOING TO BELIEVE THAT. Santa Claus is going to fill your stockings with coals. The Easter Bunny will certainly not visit your house and I am speaking to the tooth fairy right now. TAKE THAT BACK.

    I Believe, why can’t you?

  5. why is this so shocking? The food always looks better in the picture. Even Playboy air brushes the centerfold model.

  6. Take a look at the sonic commercials. The shakes don’t shake and no one eats the food. I was wondering if the food product was really safe to eat anyway.

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