Bachelor Comes With 500 Channels! Chinese Doctors Remove Clicker That Was a Bit Too Remote

Chinese doctors at the Hunan Hangtian Hospital in Changsha were unsure what was the cause of the pain that a student was describing after a drunken party until he rolled over and the television in the hospital room changed channels . . .

This was apparently a joke of other students after the man passed out after a drunken party. It still beats a hammer (here). and, for couch potatoes, it does keep both hands free for chips and salsa.

For the story, click here.

17 thoughts on “Bachelor Comes With 500 Channels! Chinese Doctors Remove Clicker That Was a Bit Too Remote”

  1. Oscar The Naked Dancing Cockatoo

    The title of this vid says it all. There’s a very funny sequence that begins at about 1:14 when Oscar dances, it only lasts about 15 seconds. He doesn’t dance much but what he does he does with style.

  2. AY,
    I can’t help it. I cannot tell a lie.
    My kids witness it, but they may not want to go public that their old man is geek.

  3. rafflaw,

    I was reading up from the bottom post so I read you were a serial butt dialer before I read what butt dialing was. I was thinking bad thoughts that might get me in trouble with Hasidic Jews in NY, but then you said your kids saw you do it. Relieved (like that guy in the other posting), I read on to find out the true nature, the Platonic form, of butt-dialing. Now so informed, I urge you to go forth and continue to make your children happy by performing this ancient art! God-speed (dial)!

  4. rafflaw,

    That is bad for a male to state, in public and mixed company. LOL.

  5. Jill,
    I have to admit to an occasional butt dialing of my kids with my phone. I guess it is a “talent” that comes with age. This story is a major example why men need large remotes. They are much safer.

  6. BIL, thanks for the verification, a visit to Snopes to check it out was on my mental list for this evening and you saved me the trip. And good for you and dad for keeping in touch.

  7. Jill, butt-dialing is when you keep your phone (Older models, unprotected keypad.) in your (usually) back pocket and sit on it and inadvertently turn it on and (speed) dial a number. I never kept a phone in my pocket (purses are wonderful things) so I don’t know if that was a real problem or just a urban myth type thing.

    (Insert appropriate ‘..or are you just glad to see me’ joke here)

  8. A swift kick in the ass brings up Chang Kai Check, which translated into American English means Turd Blossom …

  9. So according to the “Urban Dictionary”the person would be considered a “Snibber”

    ” snibber
    A remote control for a TV or gate
    Pass the snibber, I want to change the channel”


  10. Hands free operation – Plus (as the Prof noted)
    Never having to look in the sofa cushions – Plus
    Not having to share the remote . . . EVER – Plus
    Changing Batteries – Minus

    I’m still thinking Sony will have a hard time selling this as a feature no matter how unbalanced the feature list is.

  11. This is insane. Next you are going to tell me someone froze one of the new electronic hamsters for insertion in the point of entry. Did anyone in California look for a remote after pulling out the shank?

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