With All Due Respect . . . Kiss My Shillelagh

Irish Green Party member Paul Gogarty cut to the chase in the Irish Parliament in this video when confronted by by Labor Party members. Gogarty responds with “With all due respect and in the most unparliamentary language, f— you Deputy Stagg, f— you.” I felt the addition of “with all due respect” made all the difference.

The fight with Labour Party member Emmet Stagg in the Dáil this afternoon concerned the Social Welfare Bill. He said he was outraged that somebody should question his sincerity.

Gogarty was upset with the cuts in social programs.

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9 thoughts on “With All Due Respect . . . Kiss My Shillelagh”

  1. If anyone has a problem with my language use now? I’m going to claim genetics. With all due respect.

    And I personally applaud this reaction to some clown questioning someone’s sincerity on an issue. What’s next? Questioning his patriotism? Stagg got slammed down for acting like a condescending prick. I have no issue with this. If he can’t play rough? He shouldn’t be a pol.

  2. From Post: “I felt the addition of “with all due respect” made all the difference.”

    Indeed it did Professor, I was LOLing every time I saw the clip last night and the addition of WADR just put the icing on the cake for me. Might I suggest a Grayson/Gogarty ticket for 2012 or does the VP have to be born an American citizen too?

    Gee, Obama hasn’t even been an acting President for a year and I’ve already (again) discarded he 2 party model.*

    Or I’m entirely wrong about Obama. Maybe he is exactly as he promised to be. He said at some point that (paraphrase) there were 3 branches of government and he wanted them all to do their job.

    Random observations:
    We have lived 8 years of an imperial presidency.

    Congress has been abdicating and hyper politicizing it’s role since Reagan.

    I haven’t seen this much coverage of Congress or as much
    Congressional action on a major piece of legislation in forever.

    Congress is actually having to do its job.

    The curtain is being pulled back on those dark and secretive chambers to the point that voters with brains are getting an education about the process and individual office holders.

    If people keep that in mind over the next couple of election cycles we could end up with a Congress more reflective of the country’s attitudes, which should be a good thing in the long run.

    *I voted for Obama because he was the smart one; are we seeing a plan come together to make the national legislative process work the way it actually should? Should I be less critical of Obama’s seemingly ‘hands off’ approach because it does stir a public debate about the issues at had and force Congress to do it’s job?

    Whoa, got kinda’ off topic there, sorry, gotta’ reign in that stream-o-consciousness thing.

  3. I think Green member Gogarty spoke from the heart, and it may have been appropriate, just not in Parliament. It was interesting that the room was almost empty when he addressed his Labor “friend”.

  4. Whoops, hit the submit button by mistake. To finish my thought, there a posting on The Volokh Conspiracy about some Australian research showing that more attractive politicians are more successful than less attractive ones. Doh! In any event, perhaps this is an example of a politician working hard to overcome that handicap.

  5. Good for him. Seems like I remember several instances of our criminal gangs (Congress) using such words.

  6. Well you do remember the manners that you were taught as a youth. When you are going to a stagg party one must always remember that virtue is immortal…..


    How did the deps go?

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