The High-Fiber Legal Diet: Video Shows Robbery Suspect Eating Bank Note

This video belongs in the Hall of Criminal Fame. John H. Ford, 35, was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery. The police grabbed what they thought was the bank robbery note, but put it next to Ford’s mouth on the police cruiser as they cuffed him. He proceeded to eat it.

The Twinburg, Ohio police say that Ford robbed the First Merit Bank branch by passing a note to a teller that threatened to shoot her. The loss of the note was significant but they have the bank video and the bank employee got the license number on his Escort. They also found a loaded .38 revolver, along with an undisclosed amount of cash in a bag in his car. A dye pack had also gone off in the money.

In the end, Ford’s taste for the law may not satisfy a court given the other evidence. However, back in the cell blocks, he will be nothing short of a prison legend.

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  1. Vince & Lotta,

    You are most welcome. One lives to be of service. And I intend to go see Avatar in 3D as soon as I return to KC.

  2. BIL, thanks for a great (!) preview.

    Bil and lotta, all I have to do now is to line up my 16-year old friend and his dad for an outing.

    And we will see the 3D.

  3. BIL (More cops acting badly), those evil, communistic snowball throwing socialist liberals are lucky they weren’t charged with terrorism instead of three of them being issued ‘warning’ citations. “Warning! If you get caught throwing snowballs again we’ll… we’ll send you to Miami, just try to throw sandballs you little miscreants!” It’s like a John Stewart sketch.

  4. Buddha, That’s quite a review. Cameron said that this is the movie he’s wanted to see since he was 14 and it sounds like he finally made that movie. I can seldom get away long enough to see a movie but I’ll get to this one. Thanks.

  5. Vince,

    I have word of mouth for you about Avatar. I’m reposting because for some reason I’m not able to copy the link embedding.


    I have no shame telling you this.

    I am not a huge Cameron fan. T1 is a Harlan Ellison rip off that’s aged like Hell, T2 was a great action flick as was Aliens, Titanic was soap opera crap (Sorry! It’s junk and Winslet can’t act her way out of a bag). He’s spotty at best and anyone who has HMFIC (Head Mother F’er In Charge) on his set caps? Yeah, I’d have to tell him to blow me in person with that kind of ego. Story wise, it’s nothing special – it’s a hundred different Tarzan movies or Dances With Wolves In Space. Competently executed, but neither the Bard or Kurt Vonnegut would have lost sleep over the competition. Until they saw it.

    But visually . . .

    When I saw Pandora and the Navi?

    I had the weirdest sensation.

    Like no movie, book, sex act or drug has ever given me. I’ve done lots of all of those, some to excess, but I never felt this way about a film.

    I felt like I had found home. I mean HOME. Those were the people we should be. The Navi were the people I should be.

    That’s not hyperbole. I actually had tears in my eyes.

    It’s the damnedest thing. But thanks to Everett? I know somewhere, somewhen, I may actually be HOME.

    I certainly hope so anyway.

  6. I thought it was strange that…there was one suspect and what 3,4, or more cops and they let him eat the note….if I was their chief or at least supervisior I think there would have been some serious butt whipping…figureatively anyway.

  7. Vince Treacy: :BTW, Avatar opens tomorrow, Dec. 18, in general galactic release. I will have to wait a bit to see it. I will listen for the word of mouth.”
    Pre-release reviews say it’s 3D that works just like it should and it’s outstanding. I’d really like to see it myself.

    Life imatates art ala William Gibson’s novel Idoru:

    “Video: man in Japan weds anime game character”

    “On Sunday, a man named Sal9000 married the love of his life. Her name is Nene Anegasaki, and she lives inside of a Nintendo DS video game called Love Plus. The wedding took place during a Make: Japan meet-up held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. In attendance were a live audience, an MC, the bride’s virtual video game girlfriend — who made a speech — and a real human priest. ”

  8. This brings to mine, something that I heard a radio personality say many years ago.And he was talking about “luck” his definition was”Luck is when oppurtunity meets preparidness”it applys here sort of,Now if he walks then its true.But alas the camera dosen’t lie.

  9. “The End of Time,” a two-part Doctor Who special, is set for December 26, 2009 and January 2, 2010 on BBC America.

  10. Take that note out of your mouth!

    Who knows where it has been!

    BTW, Avatar opens tomorrow, Dec. 18, in general galactic release. I will have to wait a bit to see it. I will listen for the word of mouth.

    The concept of remote, virtual human experience on another planet has a long SF pedigree, beginning with “Desertion” by Clifford Simak in the 40s, and followed by “Bridge” by Jim Blish and “Call Me Joe” by Poul [not a typo, Nal] Anderson in the 50s.

    Now comes Cameron with the technology of the 21st Century. Let’s see if his imagination is up to the tech.

    In the meantime, mark the video recorders for BBC America, Saturday night Dec. 19 at 9PM for the latest Dr. Who, The Waters of Mars. This begins the last episodes with David Tennant as “THE DOCTOR!”

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