5 thoughts on “Peeping Tom Cats”

  1. Shouldn’t those peeping cats be outside looking in?

    Also, am I the only guy who’s put off by the arrangement of a low window right over a toilet? I guess that if you’re overlooking a large spread of private land, you might not be troubled by potentially putting on a show, but in most circumstances, I’m worried about “sharing too much” with the neighbors… (uh, unless I’m “just making coffee”? ;^) )

  2. (for those of you unfamiliar with Joe Martin’s “Cats With Hands” comic strip, start with 12/07/2009 and go from there. You’ll get the idea.

  3. Well, I think it’s a lookout for the local catnip dealer in ‘da ‘hood…

  4. I bet the Turley Dog is down below….or Maybe they are just playing eye spy..

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