Death By Zhu Zhu: Target Fires Seven Employees For Buying Popular Toy

We previously followed the allegations that the popular Zhu Zhu Pets are toxic. Now, they can not only allegedly make you sick but make you jobless. Just ask David Lawrinowicz of Lancaster, Pa.

Lawrinowicz worked for Target for eight years before he was fired. He and other employees worked overnight at their Target unloading items. Before leaving for the day at 5 a.m. the next morning, he and six other employees lined up to buy a few of the plush hamsters each. He bought two. (Well, below the store limit of four per customer).

A few days later, Lawrinowicz was called into the human resources office and told employees were not allowed to purchase “popular items” until the store opens at 8 a.m. That would seem an appropriate response and he returned to work. However, two weeks later, all of the workers and their team leader were called in and fired pursuant to the company’s policy about buying “two-day ad items.” None of the employees ever saw a posting on the policy, though the store insisted it was posted.

Target seems unapologetic about offing a bunch of employees shortly before Christmas: “These guidelines are in place to provide our guests with the same purchasing opportunities as our team members. We are committed to making the items our guests want as available as possible to ensure a positive guest experience.” Ok, I get it, but how about a few steps between a warning and DEFCON 4?

[update: Target has reversed firings after public outcry, here]

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23 thoughts on “Death By Zhu Zhu: Target Fires Seven Employees For Buying Popular Toy”

  1. Target has some nerve. They are part of the West Coast Coalition which wants their workers to unload their cheap items off cargo boats @ a fraction of the cost Longshoremen get paid. They forget that Longshoremen get paid a decent salary because it is very dangerous on the docks. Target also hires undocumented workers. Now they want to fire emlployees for nothing. Please…That should be one of the perks of working for a lame company like Target. First chance at cheap China made toys…It’s the American Way!!!Anything to save or make a buck. I call on all people to NOT spend your hard earned money at this store. This store is against the regular worker just to make a buck. This sounds like a way for them to advertise on TV that they have these popular items at their store. Free Advertising!!! at the cost of some regular workers!!!Don’t fall for it…DON”T SHOP THERE…teach them a lesson and hit them where it hurts them…on their bottom line!!!

  2. Target has rehired all seven employees who were fired for buying the season’s hottest toy — Zhu Zhu Pets — during off-hours, according to a statement released this weekend

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