Pants to Die For: Killer Trips on Baggy Pants and Falls To His Death

We have been following jurisdictions which have moved to outlaw baggy and low-riding pants (here). The problem is that, if wearing baggy pants is criminal, only criminals will have baggy pants. A story out of New York indicates that police may not want to see the style outlawed after all – as a criminal fighting tool. Hector Quinones entered a New York apartment on a killing spree, only to fall to his own death when he tripped over his baggy pants.

Quinones was a career criminal who went to the Upper West side and burst into an apartment — shooting Carlos Rodriguez Jr., 24, and his father Carlos Rodriguez Sr., 52. He then repeatedly stabbed grandfather Fernando Gonzalez, 87. When the elder Rodriguez’s wife, Gisela Rodriguez, 49, and adult daughter Leyanis, 28 walked in, Quinones, 44, shoot and wounded the wife and chased the girl — only to trip on his baggy pants.

The daughter made it to the fire escape to scream for help to nearby construction workers.

Quinones fled and ditched the .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol loaded with hollow-point bullets. He ran to another fire escape and again tripped — falling three stories to his death.

Before he died for style, Quinones had 14 prior arrests for offenses that include manslaughter, assault, drugs and robbery. He met Rodriguez Sr. in prison. A significant amount of cash was found in the apartment.

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13 thoughts on “Pants to Die For: Killer Trips on Baggy Pants and Falls To His Death”

  1. Wait…I thought handguns were banned in NYC. Does…does this mean that…b-b-bad guys are ARMED-?? Mayor Bloomberg, you could learn a lesson or two from [licenced] gun totin’ Texas citizens.

  2. Jericho,

    He probably was stoned when he died. Sorry, I couldn’t miss this one…

  3. Sorry, but by the time this dipsh*t would have gotten to his 14th arrest, I’d already have him and his parents stoned to death.

  4. I hate this “style” of guys wearing their pants at their knees with their underwear hanging out. It’s gross.

    It cracks me up when I see them walking and pulling up their pants.

    I was in line at a pretzel place in the mall and the guy in front of me adjusted his pants four times! I said to him, “you know, if you wore a belt, your britches wouldn’t be falling down so much”
    He just gave me a mean look… probably because he’s never heard of a belt before!

  5. I’ve seen a lot of young men in baggy pants, very baggy, most of the way down their butt baggies and I think it’s a great fashion. They wear belts and cinch them tight which has to be uncomfortable. They walk ‘funny’, kind of slowly and they keep their legs close together which surely can’t be pleasant. Good.

    I figure every young man that wears baggies are building up (if only sub-consciously) a store of empathy for women that wear high-heels and other ridiculous fashions. It’s a small step across the sex/gender divide but a worthy one IMO. 🙂

  6. Well Buddha,

    This man got one last high to die for, huh….I hear some of that stuff is some bad guano.

  7. And yeah, AY. I have to say this smells like a drug deal gone bad to me too.

  8. Paging Dr. Darwin. Dr. Darwin, white courtesy phone please. Paging Dr. Darwin.

  9. I am so glad that the elder gentleman worked hard and save his money. Was he per chance a stand in for Blackwater? Now the robber has fallen to his death in a trip one can only call death. He he was an an angle he has now fallen. I am sure many people will call for an investigation into his death.

    Ok really how did the man have so much considerable cash on hand? and what was the baggy thief looking for? A Drug deal gone bad?

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