Leading Minnesota Lawyer and Bar Official Arrested for Rape of Minor Boy

Aaron F. Biber, 46, a leading attorney and former treasurer of the state bar (and a leading candidate for the presidency) has been arrested after giving an underage boy alcohol and raping him. The boy is reportedly mentally handicapped.

Biber reportedly told the boy “Let’s get this party started” after meeting him at a local mall and gave the 15-year-old boy liquor before raping him. He was allegedly caught arranging a second sexual encounter when he was arrested. Police say they found email messages where Biber sent pictures of his genitals to the teen.

Biber was the past president of the Hennepin County Bar Association and co-chair of the antitrust and trade regulation team at Gray Plant Mooty.

Tamara Hjelle Olsen, the manager officer and chair of the board at Gray Plant Mooty issued a brief statement:

“We are deeply saddened by this completely unexpected news, and are ensuring that the clients Mr. Biber has served are being well taken care of by other lawyers at our firm. We are also caring for our employees, who, like our entire legal community, are confused and disturbed by this news. We trust that the justice system will bring this matter to the right result. Mr. Biber has been placed on leave and is not currently practicing law with our firm. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragic development.”

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11 thoughts on “Leading Minnesota Lawyer and Bar Official Arrested for Rape of Minor Boy”

  1. Tootie:

    First, your mastery of facts matches your reasoning powers, as AY accurately points out that while lawyers are the dominant profession of most members of the 111th Congress, they do not constitute a majority. Secondly, why would you be surprised that a body charged with making laws is composed of those who have dedicated themselves to unde4rstanding the intricacies of the law. That’s like being surprised that most members of the chamber of commerce are business people. Finally, quit telling me my Country is a “mess” without word one of proof or example. We all know your unlettered opinion, what we’d like are some accurate facts for a change.

  2. Tottie,

    Unfortunately, most members of congress are not lawyers or skilled in the law. Therefore they do not conceptualize impacts that passing one law will have on other areas of the law.

    Then we have the arrogance factor to consider and special interest to deal with as well. Most people are not Rep Wilson’s caliber. I may be mistaken but he was a layman just like you.

    Term limits are another problem. Look at the state of Michigan which passed term limits for both state and federal offices back in the early 90’s. Rather than striking down both a Federal Court struck down the referendum as it applied to the Federal positions alone.

    The problem with term limits is you have special interests that get you in office and then you can screw everything all over with out fear of retribution as you are there for 2 terms in the senate and 3 in the house. Term limit are as bad of an ideal as full time legislatures.

    Texas can be blamed for a lot of Stupid. However they only meet every two years for 4 or 5 months. This is not near as dangerous as if they were full time, then you’d have a situation like you have in DC.

    I speak from experience in stating the above.

  3. mespo:

    Seems to me that it was the the government in Massachusetts that let Cardinal Law escape justice.

    I’m all for seeing him have his day in court. But you knew that, because, you know everything.

    Our country is a mess because congress is made up of mostly lawyers who make laws to enrich themselves and keep themselves out of jail and just about as many of the rest of us as they can in them.

    And yes, that is more a threat to me than a priest belonging to a church I would never attend who has no control over my life, unlike the minions of wicked little lawyers in congress and government who do.

  4. Tootie:

    “Hey, where are the blanket condemnations of all lawyers like the the blanket condemnations of all religious people?

    Surely lawyers cause more problems than priests”


    The difference — which continues to elude you — is that lawyers unlike priests don’t get protected by their superiors for felonies or escape punishment by being whisked off to Rome for covering up. Small trifle mind you, but one we lawyers value. Silly us for cleaning up our own messes rather than condoning and sheltering child rapists.

  5. Hey, where are the blanket condemnations of all lawyers like the the blanket condemnations of all religious people?

    Surely lawyers cause more problems than priests.

  6. rafflaw,

    The stance taken was about the same as the State Bar. He is still the treasure until the Bar Meets. What about Felony Charges? Most states have an automatic suspension until either found not guilty or charges are dismissed….Why does he still hold a bar card??????

  7. This is one disgusting individual. If he is guilty of this, he should not see the light of day as a free man for a long, long time. As an aside, the statement by his law firm was a very good one. They seem to be handling it correctly.

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