Drunken Florida Man Arrested After Calling Police for Ride to Bar

Gregory J. Oras, 37, may want to find a designated driver . . . other than the 911 operator. After calling the police for a ride, he ended up tasered and arrested.

Oras reportedly called 911 for a ride to a bar and said that he was bleeding and people were shooting at him.

He then kicked an officer in the knees. He ended up tasered and charged with making a false 911 call and battery of a law enforcement officer.

He said that all he wanted was a ride to Hennessy’s, a bar in Oldsmar, Florida.

I suppose it is still more responsible that calling 911 to complain about your husband not eating dinner, here.

By the way, Oras has an apt tattoo on his back reading “DOOMED.” Other tattoos include “cannibalism” spelled out on his fingers; a dancing skeleton, a naked woman and a pumpkin head on his chest and stomach; a dragonfly, elephant and Batman symbol with breasts on his right arm; a snowman, naked pixies, a squirrel on a cross and a two-headed child on his left arm.

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4 thoughts on “Drunken Florida Man Arrested After Calling Police for Ride to Bar”

  1. A good tattoo, or several can be things of beauty but eyeballs? That’s not art, that’s just mentally unhealthy IMO.

    Another taser story. The Ninth Circuit wouldn’t approve the use of a taser in this situation based on the criteria listed in this recent decision:

    “Taser Limits Demanded by Ninth Circuit Court”

    “TNT – TRUTH … not TASERS” puts the number of deaths after being tasered at 464 since 1999, Amnesty International puts the number at 357. The TNT site has a complete list as well as figures for Canada:

  2. I suppose if I wanted to be tasered, this is how I might go about it.

    I like how someone actually enumerated all the tattoos. Is that normal police procedure? I’d hate to be the guy filling out the supplemental form on that one.

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