15 thoughts on “CANINE BAY WATCH”

  1. Ms. EM’

    Thank the goodness of chance that I have never experienced the silicone touch.

  2. Thanks, Leo, for the clip. My mother-in-law was a flapper, and when the times got tough, she marched for the NRA in New York. Marvelous generation of women.

  3. FF LEO–

    The bosoms of them “silicone” babes of which I spoke earlier don’t ever flop or flap. Fact is–they don’t even jiggle the littlest bit no matter how much dancin’ them ladies do. That’s a fact!

    Liked the video!

  4. Yep, even soggy, floopy dog ears is better than silicone floppy flappers..

    Now these is some all-natural flappers:

  5. lol Elaine

    Now that’s funny!

    It would also explain some of the music of Philip Glass.

  6. I was going to say . . . silicon life forms would be boring to watch indeed. They’ll likely be very slow to our perceptions. Ultra ultra slow motion.

  7. Actually the Spaniel on the left looks loaded already. Is there nothing LA cannot destroy? First is was Lassie and heroin, now it’s Spaniels and booze. And no one ever talks about Secret Squirrels vicious meth habit. It’s dark town full of poisonous secrets.

  8. Are we speaking of the new stars of Barkwatch? and they become drunken actors seeking treatment and then fall off of the wagon more times than the wheel has spokes?

    Or was that Freudian and Hasselhof and Hasselbark are one in the same? And that there might be more hope in the canine that the humanine?

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