Tennessee Judge Reprimanded and Sued For Policy of Forced Drug Tests Based on Courtroom “Hunches”

Tennessee General Sessions Judge Durwood Moore has a curious view of the fourth amendment and the doctrine of judicial notice. Moore is the subject of a judicial ethics complaint and lawsuit after he had an observer in his courtroom arrested and forced to do a urinalysis. Moore insisted that this is simply his routine practice when he has “a hunch.”

One such hunch in the Dickson County courthouse concerned Benjamin Marchant who was present to support a friend before Moore. He was taken into custody with no probable cause or even reasonable suspicion on the part of the judge. Moore believes that he can simply arrest on every hunch he has as what he calls the “routine policy of the court.”

Moore later admitted that he violated Marchant’s rights and was censured by the Tennessee Supreme Court’s Judiciary Court on May 1, 2009. What is astonishing is that such a policy leads only to censor in Tennessee. The court merely ordered Moore to “never violate a person’s constitutional rights as he did to the Plaintiff.” That’s it, go forth and sin no more.

Despite his belated admission, Moore clearly had no concept of the most basic element of probable cause or the fourth amendment. He will be allowed to continue to rule in cases despite his total lack of either understanding or acceptance of basic constitutional principles.

Marchant is suing the officers and the judge for good reason. Perhaps liability will offer a need of deterrence in light of the failure of the judges to police themselves.

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19 thoughts on “Tennessee Judge Reprimanded and Sued For Policy of Forced Drug Tests Based on Courtroom “Hunches””

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  5. “Tennessee – America at Its Best” is the state slogan, I believe.

    (Thanks for the verse, Elaine M.)

  6. AY,

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  7. Tootie,

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  8. On a hunch, the judge should be impeached for bad behavior.

    I’d like to see a COPS type show on TV that films judges like they film suspects. Another good show might be something like Can That Cop, or Dump That D.A.

    There should be a website with the sole purpose of gathering evidence for recommending the impeachment of judges.

  9. By George,

    That is good. Not surprising at all. I presume they have TV in AZ? If so, maybe they can watch Law and Order or maybe even one show on USA White Collar. He’d probably get more information than whats even in his procedure book.

  10. The 4th Amendment? I wish this blog would stop bringing up such foolish technicalities when some nice people like this judge are trying to get the bad guys — even if they’re minding their own business, sitting quietly. 😉

    PS. Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio says in a deposition that he isn’t that “well versed on the 4th Amendment,” and in fact he says he leaves it up to his “legal team to deal with those intricacies.” He also says he hasn’t read his own book! Here’s the link: http://www.azcentral.com/news/election/azelections/articles/2010/01/04/20100104arpaio-deposition0104-ON.html?&wired

  11. Don’t forget that Rep. Joe “You Lie! and I’m an Idiot” Wilson is a former municipal judge…

  12. The judge and the police officer,you know the “officer who could hear your speed”must be related:)

  13. What do you call an Attorney with an IQ of 50?

    Your Honor.

    This proves the point. It is real hard sometimes to distinguish the Prosecutor from the Judge or is that Judge from the Prosecutor? Sometimes they are one in the same.

  14. You know, I always wondered why Endora (played by the wonderful Agnes Moorehead) called Darrin “Durwood” like it was an insult.

    She must have known this clown.

    Does he even have a law degree?

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