Lethal Lips: Police Arrest Man Who Shut Down Newark With a Kiss

Haisong Jiang, 28, may not want to talk about his particular criminal charge while in the cellblocks waiting arraignment. It turns out that Jiang was the man who went under a security rope at Newark airport to give his girlfriend one last kiss goodbye . . . and sent the entire airport into a security alert that stranded thousands.

Jiang, 28, was arrested by Port Authority police in New Jersey and hit a trespassing charge and a fine of up to $500. He is a Chinese doctoral student studying molecular biosciences at Rutgers University. He has been in the U.S. since 2004 and remarkably did not mention the incident to his roommates, who said that he did not view it as a big deal.

New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg insists the charge is too lenient. At first I supported Lautenberg’s call for a serious charge for the Kiss, but I thought he was talking about Gene Simmons and the 1970s band. It is unclear what would satisfy ticked off passengers and politicians. The man was a love-struck idiot. Do you really think he deserves jail time or a felony charge? What if he promises not to kiss his girlfriend again in any mass transportation setting?

It seems to me that the police got this one just about right in seeking a trespass charge and a fine.

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  1. My mom once stole a chair from Jerry in a North Dallas bar. When asked by one of the party if she knew who he was, she said yes, there was no reserved seating, he’d been gone some time and that she couldn’t care less – he was a grown man and could find another chair.

    Have I mentioned that I love my mom?

  2. W is still popular in Texas. I remember seeing “welcome home W” signs in north Dallas lawns last winter. Jerry Jones is bad enough himself. I still watch them and will probably watch them Saturday but I don’t care if the Vikings win.I have such a bad opinion of Jerry Jones that the fact that he had “W” in his box makes no difference.

  3. If anyone watched the Dallas Cowboys last night they could have gotten a view of Jerry Jones and W. Enough to make one swear off watching Dallas ever again. By God I tell you so.

  4. My wife flew from Dallas to SFO on a redeye after waiting four hours for another flight (after missing her original flight because of an agent in Dallas telling her to go to gate “A-15” instead of “E-15” thanks to that stupid Texas accent). She developed a migraine on the flight because of that obnoxious LCD screen they stick in your face now that shines a bright flashy ad in your eyes for DirecTV over and over and over and over again for the entire flight. There’s no way to turn it off; it’s like the Big Brother telescreen in Winston Smith’s apartment.

    She stuck her credit card in the slot just to make it stop, but it refused to read the card correctly and continued to torture her with the repetitious DirecTV ad until the plane had landed. Once she got home she had to give herself an injection of Imitrex.

  5. You couldn’t pay me enough to fly a commercial airline.

    Every time I hear that another airline is struggling or going bankrupt I laugh and think to myself “good, serves em right”.

    Think about it. People keep sneaking past the Airports security with explosives and each time its the PASSENGERS who save the day. Richard Reid, the latest kook. All stopped by the PASSENGERS.

    The passengers save everyone, including the plane itself and how do they airlines reward them? Why by punishing them of course with more arbitrary rules and regulations that have zero chance of thwarting anything terrorist related and are just more cumbersome, dehumanizing authoritarian nonsense.

    When the airlines learn to stop punishing the passengers for their own incompetence and start treating the CUSTOMERS (passengers is a way of saying it so they can ignore
    the fact that we are the reason they exist) like human beings again, then the airlines will start to make money again.

    Until then, I encourage everyone to do as I do and drive there.

    And if you can’t drive, try the train.

    Or a boat.

    Or a charter flight.

    Let the Airlines founder until they get some sense.

  6. Soon airport security will have passengers lining up naked, in single file while awaiting thier cavity searches. Hmmm I wonder where everyone will carry thier passports then.
    I certainly will think twice now when it comes time to give my boyfriend that sad good bye kiss as my plane arrives!

  7. So let me see if I have this straight.

    The Port Authority Police in New Jersey are arresting this man because of their very costly, overreacting knee-jerk response to nothing?

    Strange days.

  8. If an incompetent TSA employee had been on the job this incident might not have occurred. The U.S. is going insane over this terrorist threat nonsense. Next, the gubmit will be torturing kids who breach those velvety red ropes in movie theaters to get a bag of popcorn.

    From the linked article:


    “The video showed that Mr. Jiang was able to step past security last Sunday when a guard, identified by a law enforcement official as Ruben Hernandez, left his post. The guard has been on administrative leave since Tuesday, and he faces disciplinary action, according to the Transportation Security Administration.”

  9. While we continue to fight the Battle of 9/11 in the air and airports, 98% of our shipping containers enter the country with no inspection

  10. Maybe the authorities are upset because Haisong Jiang is known by another name.


    Jealousy is a terrible thing in the hands of petty bureaucrats.

  11. This guy was probably innocent in his farewell gesture to his friend,but I guess now they will institute a “wave and kiss area” so this won’t happen again.

    You know like the “meet and greet”areas that are set up for picking up incoming passengers.:)

  12. I read some where that the Port Authority is really janked off about all of this work for a mere misdemeanor.

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