Teacher Resigns After Sending Home 5-Year-Old Special Needs Student With Bag of Human Feces

Elementary school teacher Sue Graham in Yakima, Washington has resigned after being reprimanded for sending a bag of human feces home with a five-year-old student from her special education class. She sent home the feces with a sticky note reading “This little turd was found on the floor in my room.” Her husband, Ron Graham, also resigned.

Sue Graham had been a teacher for 31 years.

The father reported the incident and admitted that he was called to the classroom a couple of times to help the boy clean up after himself after using the restroom. However, he said that his son had never had an accident in class.

Personally, I have never had occasion in my teaching career to send human waste home with a student. I do recall while at the University of Chicago, one of my teachers was at a loss to tell one of my friends how bad his Spanish language skills were. When my friend opened up the envelope with his final paper, he found a rotten piece of broccoli stapled to the corner with a note saying “I was at a loss to explain how bad your language skills are until, while walking to campus this morning, I saw this rotten piece of broccoli in the gutter outside of a restaurant. I immediately thought, ‘That is how bad his language skills are!'” It is not quite a bag of human waste, but close.

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  3. In second grade I begged my teacher to let me go to the bathroom, she refused and I defecated in my pants.

    I guess that was a pretty shitty day.

  4. Canadian Eh!
    Thank you, I know I was blessed. My father also went to my high School when I was slapped by a Spanish Teacher and had him publicly apologize to me. By the way if I screwed up, my parents would take issue with me. I miss them still dearly even though they’ve been gone for 47 years now.

  5. Mike…….
    For a parent to take a teacher to task 58 years ago was a big deal indeed. Despite the humiliation you, unfortunately, experienced you also learned an important lesson from your dad that day. one which Be grateful for great parents!

  6. In second grade I begged my teacher to let me go to the bathroom, she refused and I defecated in my pants. I was so embarrassed I got up despite her orders not to and ran out of school and ran home. The next day my father went to school and got the teacher to apologize. Fifty Eight years later the memory of that incident stays with me and I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye and feel the embarrassment. This story affects me personally and after her 31 years I can only wonder how many kids this poor excuse for a teacher screwed.

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  8. As the mother of a child with special needs, an educated and practicing behavioural therapist, and a human being, I find this story absolutely appalling! This woman should never have had the opportunity to resign, she should have been fired on the spot and charged with child neglect, for that is what this act is. While I can personally atest to the ignorance of many teachers when it comes to special needs kids, I have never experienced or heard of such cruelty. The fact that this woman was not just a teacher, but a special education teacher makes her actions even more deplorable. More so than regular teachers, she should be even more tolerant of and more trained to manage inappropriate behaviours in an effective manner.
    My hope for this woman is that she finds herself in her senior years residing at a nursing home under the ” care ” of staff who are tired of changing her ” Depends “.

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  10. “one of my teachers was at a loss to tell one of my friends how bad his Spanish language skills were. When my friend opened up the envelope with his final paper, he found a rotten piece of broccoli stapled to the corner”

    I had a friend in college, an electrical engineer, who told me that after one particularly nasty test the professor handed out Wal-Mart applications with the graded tests. I think I would rather have the rotten broccoli.

  11. Another example of a bullying teacher seeking to shame students. Kids learn by example. Are they ever going to provide this fact at those places they call “teaching colleges”?

    She’s been teaching for 31 years? Thanks to that mighty tenure wall of protection, how many victims lay in her wake?

  12. The world seems to be full of blithering idiots. This woman should move to South Carolina and find peace.

  13. The use of feces for humor is an indicator of the shame and self-loathing and individual has. The repetition of that humor over many posts merely evinces the pathology of their problem.

  14. Bdaman:

    “Humor is a rubber sword – it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.
    Mary Hirsch “

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  16. “Sue Graham had been a teacher for 31 years.”

    The kindest thing that can be said is that it was past time and better for her and her students for her to move on, either at her own initiative or the schools. Her actions were appalling. Thank Ghod it was just a piece of broccoli that caught your teacher friends eye Professor, burn-out can occur at all ages. These stories are too sad for me to even post a funny vid in response to.

  17. Resigns means she keeps her retirement. How many others have just shrugged it off?

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