Please Stare at This Light: Rip Torn Arrested For Breaking Into Bank

In Salisbury, Connecticut, actor Elmore “Rip” Torn, 78, has been arrested for breaking into a bank and carrying a firearm while intoxicated. He was found inside of the Litchfield Bancorp with a loaded gun. He appears to have had everything but the one thing he needed from MIB: his neuralyzer.

He is now being held on a $100,000 bond and faces burglary and possession of firearm without a permit.

Torn has an assortment of drunk driving arrests in Connecticut and New York. He was reportedly drunk on this occasion which would explain the absence of an attempted bank robbery charge and the mug shot.

Torn appears to have dropped out of character since Zed was quite clear on these issues:

You’ll dress only in attire specially sanctioned by MiB special services. You’ll conform to the identity we give you, eat where we tell you, live where we tell you. From now on you’ll have no identifying marks of any kind. You’ll not stand out in any way. Your entire image is crafted to leave no lasting memory with anyone you encounter. You’re a rumor, recognizable only as deja vu and dismissed just as quickly. You don’t exist; you were never even born. Anonymity is your name. Silence your native tongue. You’re no longer part of the System. You’re above the System. Over it. Beyond it. We’re “them.” We’re “they.” We are the Men in Black.

He reportedly told police officers that he was also an officer — though not presumably with the Men in Black or all of this would have been erased.

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9 thoughts on “Please Stare at This Light: Rip Torn Arrested For Breaking Into Bank”

  1. This guy’s name reminds me of a hilarious bit on the old Steve Allen’s Tonight Show decades ago. Steve was proposing actors’ screen names in the manner of Rip Torn’s.

    Steve suggesed these:

    Chuck Roast
    Beef Stroganoff
    …and finally,
    Starke Naked

  2. He’s always been a mess, esp when drunk. I think he once went after Norman mailer (not exactly Mr. Stable himself) with a hammer.

  3. I am a huge fan of the man’s work, but he clearly needs medical intervention. Before he hurts himself and/or others.

  4. I thought Rip Torn was great on the Gary Shandling Show. Enjoyed MIB and thought his various other roles were were terrific.

    But come on. How many drunk driving arrests does he need to have it taken seriously? Is he going to have to kill some people in an accident before something is done?

  5. That perp picture is even worse than Mel Gibson’s infamous shot. I think this is one guy who needs some serious AA intervention.

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